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Announcing Renowned Vocalist Bill Farrell Sings Again!

The Bill Farrell Bio.

In 1947 ...Bob Hope walked into the Chez Ami Supper Club in Buffalo, New York and saw Bill Farrell perform. Hope was so impressed with Farrel's powerful baritone voice and smooth delivery that he made Farrell his Protege. Hope invited Farrell to Hollywood Califonia and featured him on his weekly radio show with Doris Day, and Les Brown and his Orchestra.

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From the "artist/biography" prepared by:

Leonard Reed
380 Madison Avenue, 21st Floor
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publicity department

Latin born Barbara DeCosta, one of the liveliest singers to come along in recent years, stands five feet eight inches and weighs one-hundred and thirty-five pounds. She attended UCLA and speaks English Fluently.

Babara is equally at home with a ballad, show tune, torch song or operatic aria, as well as some clever special material. She sings in English, French and Spanish and is remarkably adept in these languages.

After many years of voice training, Miss DeCosta entered the concert field. She made an extensive tour of the West Coasat where audiences and critics alike acclaimed her exciting mezzo-soprano tone qualities.

Following her completion of this tour, Network executives vied for Barbara's outstanding talents, and for one year, "The Barbara DeCosta Show", sponsored by The Roper Stove Co., was heard from coast-to-coast. This show, emanating from KLAC-TV, Los Angeles, Calif., earned for Miss DeCosta the name, "Telegenic Barbara."

Possessed with a dynamic personality and an ability to captivate an audience, Barbara has been established as an outstanding entertainer in most of the nation's leading night clubs and smart hotels.

Besides her numerous radio and television appearances, Miss DeCosta has completed successful engagements at such top spots as: Cafe Gala, Bar Of Music, Latty Potter's, Victors and the Marquez, in Los Angeles, Califnorina; The Chez Paree and Ruby Foo's in Montreal, and La Port St. John in Quebec, Canada; the Esquire Room in Dayton, Ohio; the Chez Ami in Buffalo, New York; and the Bachelor House in New York City.

Studio Films has just completed a series of films starring Miss DeCo

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