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Males Who are Falsely Accused:

My Advocacy:

This assume the direction of creating an organization based upon developing on going human resources which needs to be carefully included, and only after a special applied systems of investigation has been first conducted - on each individual join this, a  processes of character evaluations and value systems approaches must be also examined.

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A story:
Time and Place.  1967,  Northeast Thialand.
I was in an Army ambulance travelling with a medic from Camp Ram Chit Chi to N.K.P. on the Laosian-Thai boarder, when sudden'ly we saw a young frail young  woman bending over in pain on the side of a road.  She just broke her water.
After the nessecities were done in preparation, and placing her confortably in the back of the ambulance, three hour hence passed, then,  the child started to crown.  Then with my cleansed hands, the medic told me to get ready to hold this new life.  The next minuet I had this wonderful little form of a girl in my hands. 
Her eyes were closed, none the less, she was for the first time streching out to explored the new world she has come into.  Her arms were attempting to straighten and then, all of a sudden,  her hand caught my pinky.  She clasped it tender'ly and then openned her eyes, and saw mine,  as she squized.
Then  it  happened.
The great emotional insight.
The rush of emotion, and some innate force emerged from within me, and my entire world changed forever.  What this incident did, or told me, even though I did not have the words, then, to explain it, is that within our male character our  ego support structures to both our personality and sexuality were gentle in it's pathogenisis.
I could not  fully exaimine my emotions, then, I was in the Army, and we, Americans, were at war.  The bloody vietnam War.  None the less, it did point me into a new direction.  One which eclispe what could have been a normal life for me, but because of the imprint of this incident along, I could never abandone the direction it told me to take.  This is what others would call destiny.  Rather dramatic, but none the less,  it was always there. 
Lastly, it was not until I ran into Dr. Sarah Slavin, Program Director, Women Studies, State University College at Buffalo, in taking courses in her program that I was able to find the critical vocabulary needed to articulate what for most males is not talked about or even expressed within the Infra-male culture.
I came face to face with the conclusion  that our emerging society was becoming too

Here are some of the directions I will take.
--   Investigation of each person who wants to join.
--   Special preparation of surveys aboutr this issue.
--   Social Scince Technical Writings on the issues.
--   Data discovery
--   Coalition Building

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