Males Who are Falsely Accused:

Rape Ganging:

How the traditional female centered socio-cultural phenonmena of relationships are exploited not only by men, but in combination - sociosexual strategic coalitions with other women to humilate, harrass, sexualy assault, rape, emasculate, and finally murder another human being. This process of forming these coalitions are carefully developed, by the initiation of a male, or a female, who have hidden server dysfunctional sexual behaviorisms, and are able to operate covertly and subterfuge within established socio-cultural and socio-political female networks. This oftens involves either social, political, relgious, and more often sexual power competition over the same intended female, or resource groupings, IE. sororities. The emphasis rest most frequently upon the traditional infra-female cultural psychic developmental of dependent relationship, network relationships. This is the wolf in the hen house ( established female networks ). It is the covert act of sexual aggression towards other individuals, by the aggressor exploiting their own stature of power within their network base to isolate the intended victim first. Then falsely accuse, if their is competition, or exploits their own sexual anxieties,all with out their consent. The overall political intent is to curtail the democractic due process inflicting their desired ends of personal power, and further exploiting and enhancing their social status, or within a communal setting, cults. This is the underlinning descriptive intended in the termenology of " Ganging " comes into full view. They are the future gangsters ! Moreover, and with the presents, and co-join participation of a female, or two females-which is most prevelant now- participation with the male aggressor, or visa versa, with the intent and power motive to rape,or emasculate is the basis of the termenology of Rape Gang. The ends of which is expose ones own percpetional skill to fully observe how these gang operate virtually invisiable in their drive to create dysfunctional perceptions, the propagnda of fear about male sexuality, all the way to the obtainment of power. There by un masking the causual socio-political sexual impairment of the victim. the vicitim'a total isolated. Mainstream society does not have the phychic skills necessary to see this. Though there is some evidence which indicates the Lesbian community is becoming aware as a result of confronting a new form violence from such dysfunctional. There by the process which led to initiate this humiliating incident to it' final ends, is " ganging " with the intent to rape, which is dependent upon partnership with the opposite sex, or in cluster groups making up of both female and male members. This is the recent socio-sexual phenomena, and accordingly, the cities in which this has occured are Providence, RI; Ithaca, New York; Boulder, Colorado; Lower East Side of New York City; and the Boston College area. It is the more recent development of clusters groups, here-before-mentioned clicks, which has been more recently exploited, or use as a screen to covertly induce a human being into a vulnerable position, and who with out the means to reach for safety, are manifestely abuse. Moreover, the presents of a participating female individual is rapid'ly becoming more important. The outcome is most disasterous as the victim's testimony becomes less viable to the public both in the prosecution of such cases ( based upon a public review of the records ) and any other form of the legal applications of remendies.

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This is a social processes by which a coalition is established between a rapist and emscualates is fully developed.  The means by which the new associative condition which creates this orgnaized behavior and mutual  acceptance as the basis of their collaboration, is based upon the Historic femine socio-cultural dependence on network relationships.  The combination of either partner, or group relationships seeks an approval,  protective screen,  and further evasive means from the code of  law.  The advance basis of which in such adverse community relationships, is to provide mutual  approval of criminal actions of either rape or emasculation, and the socio-pathologies leading to this by initiation of  humilation and harrasment.  It is by such partnership or new community socio-sexual mutated constructs, where the level of support negates the belive'abilty of the victim when it comes to reporting the violation.

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