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Lawrence Brantley Memorial


Dance Community Get - Togethers:
With Dance Meetup additional requirements, membership and facilitator dues, several dance meetups have disappeared.  Thus along with Rebecca Katzenstein, former dance meetup,  Tri Falcon and Dove Productions' Dance Community Get - Togethers System in now being implaced in the markets of California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Quebec, and Texas.
These are the markets in which Tri Falcon and Dove Productions has established INTERNET visability and contacts-through small alumni, and groups which Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy has established link exchanges with. 
The prime factor is to keep and return social dance in the hands of the workers-who have always been the traditional backbone of social dance.  It was the working middle classes of the early 20th Century who made social dance popular in American culture; this is what I learned at Arthur Murray Dance Studios-Washington DC, 1970.  Want to get started then join Dance Community Get Togethers @ [ GroupSite ]  See what is happening - some where around January 20th, 2006 @ [ ProBoards31 ] ..
Letters to the Editor concerning Dance Community Get Togehers .  Additional Article posted on the NewsWire IndyMedia Dance Community Get - Togethers Article 829144 .


Dance in Ithaca: 
An on - going feature article.
Dancer ! Dancers ! Dancers ! are wanted now !
Recently there has been a call for more and more dance troupes of  paticular style of dance innovation and expertises.  Many areas are desparately looking for good quality groups, and the cruise lines industry, and Asian event producers are paying top dollar to boot too !
Emails flood in to me every day asking for performers, and they are not looking for groups who are club dancers, the Ithaca genre, but are looking for those  dance troupes who have a body descipline characteristics of ballet integrated into various Latin and Ballroom Theatre Arts, as well as Lyrical Modern Dance. 
Editor's Side Note: Do not be fooled by the hustle, or those who are looking for a quick buck. Small towns are full of this activity!  Salsa Wild of the Falcon and Dove Dance Troupe is auditioning for dancers of all ranges, but most importantly with classical ballet-two years, African, Modern Jazz combinations.  This is " now " the standard for professionals and dance competitors.  Stage presences is most important.  Goto and fill out the online forms there.
The dance scene is already being impacted by the recent upsurge of dance related Telecast shows on various Television networks.  Nonetheless, it has cause a change in Ithaca's dance focus, and this has had a negative impact upon Ithaca's  Swing sociocultural fixation.  The rise of Latina Danza is one of the results.  Nonetheless, dance may be" in " right now, and later reports on what happen in the next ten days, will be reported on later...Editor (September, 2005 ).
Follow through - minimal impact ( only an investment shift in whose pocket the dollars are going ) here within Ithaca, as Syracuse has gained as a direct result, but great in Los Angeles, New York City, and Boston ~ December 7, 2005. 
" Guess who is the big'est in Ithaca / Tompkins  ? De Santis - Franchise owner of Arthur Murray Dance Studios Incorporated, Syracuse, New York ! "
In a follow ups-Novemeber 18, and December 7, 2005.  The private sector marketing of dance shift has been what has happened in the National and International world of dance.  Dance competitions enrollments are up, and stage productions are likewise increasing. Yet, at the sametime a lot of dance troupes are failing in being retained.  During the begining of December it got worst!
In an email correspondences - November 2 - Decmeber 7th, 2005 - with New York City, London, Hong Kong, Berlin. Boston, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Miami Beach, Rome-Italy,  and Moscow, many groups they have tried in their clubs, cabarets, and stage venues American dance troupes have came high in the sales pitch, along with decpetive videos,  but failed in stage delivery.  Many event providers are becoming extremely anxious, and American troupes are being increasingly viewed with skepticisms among most Euorpean, and more recent Asian, especially in Hong Kong, event providers, even among American event providers themselves in Boston, Chicago, Austin, and Washington DC.
The telecasts of various dance shows really did not deliever the expected windfall.  Though a marginal increases were felt by everyone nation-wide.  What is most tragic:
The recent loss of various foundation for the arts funds is at the root of the establish dance companies inability to make significant gains during this important era. They had all the wanted - marketing stage presence and retension factor most Internationally frustrated event providers are looking for.
" Increasingly everything depends on ticket sales, and not in subsidies from traditional art foundations."
 This was stated by event producers, dependent Non-for-Profit Dance Academies, and their Theatre Associates,  and private club owners alike.  Cities are likewise nervous in investing in the dance arts too!  This came by a statement from both London, Austin, Los Angeles, Miami Beach,  and Chicago.
Else where and in reverse, Asia has loads of money..but no takers.  Event producers there are being also fustrated in finding dance troupes with staying power.  " One email comment " Are Americans becoming cheap and cheats too." Hong Kong December 2, 2005 . This in the wake of roll backs in Dallas, Washington DC, and Miami are still ( December 8, 2005 ) making Asia look better all the time. 
Nonetheless, Asia is still looking good if you got the " bang .." Shanghai - November 28, 2005. Leading this comes from the fact " That you do not need to know the language." This statement coming from dance enthusiast Wy Ping from Beijing - Peoples Republic of China on a visit to Los Angeles who email me about my Los Angeles Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC WebSite.
Stay tunned! Up dated December 8th, 2005 - Note: This is I see no end in emails I am getting. Roger...


Dance Market Intellengence responce Dance Ithaca E ~ Magazine support WebSites created.
Emails flood in daily, and from them significant trends were denoted and subsequently acted on.
Dance In Ithaca.
Dance enterainment, over dance class / classes is the future for all dance in Ithaca, New York.  Moreover, this is good news for the Ithaca Ballet, in as much as most dancers inorder to achieve the dramatic dance body lines needs classical ballet backgrounds.  Also, a focus must be developed within the Ithaca market on what is a qualified choreographer.  Both the fundemental features of classical ballet and experienced and trained choreographer are essential elements to make a dance performance with the all powerful market reality of stage presences really work here in Ithaca.
Dance if produced and staged professional can gain the critical attention Ithaca needs to attract visitors with cash in their pockets for Hotel accomodations, restaurant tabs, and gift article purchases @ " Historic DownTown, Ithaca."
As a result of the shrinking dollar within the traditional art contributing foundations, I started a process in which to advance the market conditions in such a way as to support ticket sales.  This the first core of WebSites were created.   Ballet and Modern Dance Cities Ballroom Dance Cities - The Latin / Salsa Dance Cities ~ Belly and Folk Dance Cities ~ Hip Hop and Modern Jazz Dance Cities ~ Swing Dance Cities .  These are INTERNET providers to create interests and attention, also key cities were targeted upon long ago.  These are not yet completed but only represents a first stage of critical path analysis of the INTERNET as market tool role functions in the promotion of ticket sales. Editors note: December 5, 2005 ~ Dance Community Get Togethers is the seond stage.
Also, and upon the new horizon is the growing cultural democracy movement.  This is more of a private sector movement than political.  Remember. Dance is the first performance culture. This has significance for dancers - as the interplay of dance and what dance can represent can trigger upon any stage emotional results and projected egocentric responces among the populace.  Thus, and with my INTERNET world wide groups assisting - who I have been moderating since 2003, another WebSite The Central WebSite " For "  Cultural Democracy was created.  To understand this go to Cultural Democracy, An Evolving Essay by Roger M. Christian.  This has triggered my own network of Internatiional Supporters at the sametime.
Check out one of my European webpages which promotes Ithaca as the  Cultural Magnet Destination City 's for Paris Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC .  The INTERNET has come to the doors of Ithaca, New York.  Last estimate of my total monthly hits is 680,000/month ( 3rd largest in Tompkins county )/ supporters 167 Internationally-and they are both growing!

Dance, Ithaca, A = Ithaca, Dance, Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Lindy Hop, Dance, Classes, Ithaca, Modern, Lyrical, Ballet, Performance, Ithaca, Ballroom, Social, Dance, Latin, Social, Dance, Swing, Social, Ithaca, Dance, Hip Hop, Social, Dance, Jitterbug, Social, Dance, Ithaca.


2005 Angelina Ballerina is
Sarah Foster


Dance alliance being formed to renovate the second floor of the historic Cascadilla Boathouse, adjacent to Stewart Park on Lake Cayuga.
During the early part of the 20th Century, one of the most popular local destination sites for young people falling in love, was the Cascadilla Boat House.  Here several proposals were made with young kneeling Ithaca males in their  high button stiff shirts, and anxious young ladies with ankle lenght flowing dresses teasing with their yes-es.
As a sport outlet, the boathouse was used frequently by future rowing champions who were attending Cornell University.  Moreover, it was a location site for early locally produced films.
Now interest has started to focus back on this historic site, and many within the area, with tears holding back picturing their earlier romances there, awaits it's rebirth.  The Dance Alliance was announced to me by Cornell Dance Instructor Marguerite Frongillo-while she was in a waiting line at the local filming of Farenhight 9/11.
A letter to the Editor proboard was developed for this and other items about Dance Ithaca.  Click on here for your written support for the venture >>>>>>Here:
November 20, 2004  - Update:
A letter ( about dancing in the Boathouse, and renovation ) is now being drafted to be sent to the Mayor of The City of Ithaca.  Details to follow...

New England Ballet's social  event, The End of Summer Open House, August 27th

Good News  Dance in Ithaca
Dance Classes for the Winter Spring to be expanded to include Flamenco, Pasa Doble, and Modern Dance, as Well as expanding the staffing.
Flamenco:  Styles directly from Valencia, Cordoba, Granada, and Madrid Spain and are being taught as back drop - supplement  the Paso Doble dance program.
Paso Doble is the Ballroon Flamenco dance in which elements of both are integrated into a Spanish melodrama depicting various village folk dance movements in 19th Century Spain.  This dance was first developed on the West Bank in Paris,  France, and one of the first to exhibit this form was the fame and at times over dramatic ( in todays standard of acting ) actress Sarah Bernheart 
Modern Dance Curriculia is developed to emphasize sharp differnces in gender role functions, and will stress more athletic forms for males, and more lighter, yet , extremely strong moves for females.  The music and choreography is to denote courage, the challnege to conqure gravity-litteraly trying to fly on the stage.  In both,  gender strengths will be the single issue, and the items being selected will look into the followoing themes.  Our U.S.Troupes, their sense of courage and duty, who are now fighting, and will be fighting for the years to come, The Holocaust, The Horror of  Rape.  The importance of being The Life Giver, America's Democracy and It's Creativity, and most of all the ongoing struggle that all dancers have " To Conqure Gravity."
This is only the begining in as much as there is to be a new step in creativity in dance.  Configured Dance Movement - The ultimate in Dance Partnerships.  This is to stress those exciting ballet movements,  which were traditionally done apart, mostly in solos, now modified to be done in partnership with one - two - and three partners -  full body contact.
This was first talk about during the 70s - the time of great creative explosions within dance in the United States and Europe.  Now with the dance horizons starting to open up again through out the nation.  The national dance scene now is more demanding, and thus to maintain interest a new movement has to be forged.  Dance in Ithaca, and the central reason why this location is important, is the relative economy is very low for creative development and  as  to allow this take place here.  The forging of new radical dance forms in Ithaca,  in the end will trigger  cultural inertia.  

Dance Teacher Training now underway
Mr. Christian is now 57 years old, and feels it is time to pass on what he has accumilated over the 49 years of dancing experiences in Latin, and Social dancing, and 36 years of dance teaching. 
With his earliest recollections in Latina Danza ( 1950s ) to Mambo Danza Cultura, and the fantastic experience  in his early years over social dance events at Miami Springs Junior High, Florida, when Southern Style Lindy was dance side by side with Latin dance,   The leading factor, a massive expansion of Latin students into Dade County with the rise to power, and the subsequent massive Cuban refugee influx, as a result, of Fidel Castro.  Thus Latin dance started to dominate through-out Dade County Florida.   At Miami Spring Jounior High everyone was full of excitment as both styles were appreciated to it's fullests.   Mr. Christian experienced and learned  the centrality  and diversity dance has to offer.  Thus, Mr. Christian's teacher training is developed to have depth, and that one  SPECIAL historical  added element in dance techniques,  movement, and continuity of the diversity of styles- in passing ( in the first person-witness ) on an era ( the magical 50s-60s ) to the next generation of dance teachers. 
This also includes the very essence of professionalisms.  As. After The Vietnam War.  Then.   Mr. Christian was furthered trained by Arthur Murray Dance Studios Incorporated  it's treasured Teaching Techniques ( at one time considered trade secrets ).  After that Fred Astaire Dance Studio's dance performance emphasis, after social dance training, his knowledge, and dance accomblishments  further bloomed.  Reaching it's high point with Dance Performances in Central America.
Other areas included  two years classical ballet, African and Modern Dance,  Israeli Folk Dance, and most of all the experience he obtained in teaching children with Down's Syndrome.  There are alot of trade dance teaching secrets to pass on
His Dance in Ithaca programs, The Ithaca Social Dance Economy Program, though suffered over  issues concerning the Wessex Bristol  location, and other resistance.  Nonetheless. the canidate list  of teacher prospects  was then concentrated upon, as the main direction of his very small dance school  ( subsidized by his  Vietnam Veteran's Administration  Disability  Compensations  - 70%  ) during this Fall of 2004, as a result.  This will eventually lead to adjudication to come in the summer of 2005.  Moreover, Mr. Christian is still accepting canidates. 
The qualifications are excellent character references, has a present job, dance experience not required, but helpful, and a person who understands the fine line between humility in silence, rather than being vocal.   Your youth will not be held against you either, as every generation is always the better generation.  The training is work study related, very much like how he was ushered into cadre of Professional Teachers with National Rankings during the 70s.  Basically - training is somewhat free.
This is rare if you ever wanted to something new, and willing to move beyond   prevailing small town self - perceptions, the resulting clickish personas, and have a client centered value system possibility, then you should also find out if you qualify. 
Mr. Christian was one of only three canidates to have survived the 27 initial canidates' list during his Training Class - Arthur Murray Dance Studios Incorporated, Washington DC, 1969 - 1970 ( 3 month intensive - with aditional supervision for 6 months ), supervised by Glenda Nelson ( She is in Dallas Texas now ).  The two issues for surviving the weeding out process was the willingness to learn and achieve, and have the A type personality " humility "- character - necessary to be client centered ( and not the self -centerness which hampers most non-professionals in both dance excellence devlopment and the ability to teach ).
The ends of which is totally empowering the client to become a leader, event provider-producer, and participant in all social dance forms.
The underlinning motive - professional standards:
"  The critical differnce between a Dance Teacher and and a Dancer is humility. "  The dance teacher's experience and social success in dance has to be so personally significant enough as to invest our lives in other peoples  It was for the reason alone why Mr. Christian invested $ 27,00.00 out of his  VA disability compensation during past six years.  He has not earned not one dollar during this time-as bank and other records can prove.  Moreover, and because of the additional impact of his disability-which he was warned would increased as his age progressed- there are other further physical harsh conditions in which he has now have to contend with at the sametime.    Do you have the heart for public service  and love to dance?

Micawbers Launches Sunday Night Latin Dance Socials
Every Sunday night @ 10:00 PM the Micawbers Pub is sponsoring Latin Social Dance, Ithaca, New York.  There is no cover charge. For details see Micawbers Latin Social Dance @ Ithaca ~  webpage. Archived March 24, 2006.

Program Cancelled ( Insurance Problems ) - Since November 14 , New Plans - stay tuned in.
Club Art Social  ( Benefit ) Dance is starting ********, at the Wessex - Bristol Art Gallery from 8:00 to 12: 00 PM , sponsred by The Wessex Bristol Art Gallery.   This is to benefit The Kids at Art Program, Michael Aulback Promoter ( Painting, Poetry, Dance, Singing, and Playing a Musical Instrument ).  This is Ithaca's newest social dance, and  during the dancing is time for wine tasting, and hors d'eouvers.  This kick - off event  will start a weekly Friday night social dance within the best artistic setting in the Tompkins County region - so get your date books, and make a call.   See [ WebSite Vacated  ] For those who wish to help email  Mr. Michael Aulbach or call 607 - 339 - 7533.  This is for the kids of Tompkins County folks.
Got a spot available for Fridays ? Then email Mike asap!

Social Dance Calendar Ithaca Sign - Ups and Registration:
Special website has been developed to post your " weekly held " social dances for in and around the Ithaca region.  Follow the carefully and itemized interactive instructions to list your social dances.  Moreover, please note if this is a dance teacher - class promotions, private or group open social dance, used as a fund raiser, or conducted by a private firm ( Bar, Club, Etc. ). Weekly held social dances only.  Good luck, and enjoy your -self.
Register here for :  Social Dance Calendar Ithaca,

Dance Ithaca News:
Proboards Dance Created for National and Regional Dance Ithaca Destination Site Marketing:
In the cafeful local/national observation and development of the social dance industry, and the further efforts to campaign for the Ithaca Social Dance Economy Program two marketing internet actions were taken:
The establishement three Proboards.
Salsa Wild Ithaca:
Dance Class Schedule Ithaca:
Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy's Dance is Fun Alumni Association
This plus special web sites  ( copied urls within Yahoo.Com's ) for Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy's alumni in Binghamton, Buffalo, Miami, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, and Washinton DC  will link to produce the main focus on economy for dance instruction.  It is the position of Mr. Roger M. Christian that dance classes and the enjoyment of social dance should be open accross the socio-economic barriers.  Lastly, Mr. Christian is not interested what-so-ever in becoming a Non-For-Profit organization.

Stay posted for Summer 2004 Classes:
For Music in Motion - Spenser New York
New England Ballet
Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy
See on  banner below ....
New England Ballet Company - Ithaca to launch it's first local fund raising drive.
Under Associate Dance Director Steven Hyde, New England Ballet, the Ithaca location will during summer 2004 develop a local core of supporters, and students for the 2004 to 2005 year.

Dance jobs, as well as modeling calls are now being posted at Ithaca Dance JobsThis is a continued effort to promote dance in Ithaca.  This is gain more attention from the outside world whose common interest is to locate top dancers, and potential Model Resources. And, at the sametime, promote Ithaca, and Ithaca's dance scene as the central reason why Ithaca should be a Cultural Magnet Destination City.  With all the differnent types, and great diversity in several cultural outlooks here in this tiny college community Dance in Ithaca is just one a whole string of events, and things to do in this town, and among us too.  The Dances, Dancers, and raising the community flagg should be made apparent everywhere.  Once again, happy dancing in Ithaca.


Social Dance Leadership programs and seminars openings for Summer 2004.
First stages are in the works.  Step one is the Latin-Salsa practice dances for the students of Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy, and guest ( you must be with a present or past student of this school ).  Then, as how Arthur Murray Dance Stduios Inc. did it, once a leadership has emerged then another location will be located on the same time and date.
Coming soon is weekly TFDDA Latin-Salsa Practice Dances on Tuesdays 9:30 to 11:30 PM, at the Wessex Bristol Gallery of the Arts, 119 East State Street, Ithaca, New York 14850.  A leadership class will be also posted through mailings.  The mission of TFDDA is to empower others, client centered,  with the enjoyment of dance.  Moreover, it was the central learning character of those of us who went through Training Classes of Arthur Murray Dance Studios, and who at the sametime were also lucky to have been trained by the teachers of the " La ' Grand Guarde de Danse " of this systems too, who created professional dance instructors who are totally client focused. This made not only social dance popular within America, but also, and with out the hindrences of ego centricities limitations,  made the "  La ' Grand Guarde de Danse " of Arthur Murray the world's best dance masters.  In humility, and most of all in retrospect,  this is the mission behind empowering the public with social dances, and this is most critical within Ithaca.
The Golden Era of Ithaca Social Dance Dancing:
During the 1930's to early 1960s at least 6 dance socials were given in the city of Ithaca weekly.  Moreover, in out lying areas like Groton, Dryden, Trumansburg and Spenser, at least one social dance per week.  Furthermore on campus, at both Cornell University, and Ithaca College several more, or at least one per day.   The only social dance from this golden era of Ithaca Social Dance to have survived to this day , is the members social dance at VFW Post 961.
The Program to bring back The Golden Era Of Ithaca Social Dance:
" The critical differnce between a dance teacher and a dancer is humility. "  Mr. Roger M. Christian 1993 - 2004 Ithaca, New York. " The teacher must be willing to prmote not only the client's  interests in dance, but also the ego - centric aspect of the intent of the client taking dance lessons too. "
Developing Leadership:
The program is based upon four couple groupings in which program managing, site managing, publicity managing, and accountant manging responsibilities are deligated to each separate couple.  The centrality of social dance ethics, the separation rule of professional and amatuers within the social dance scene are also discussed.  Yet it is in the acquirement of empowering by the public within the market of dance which gives the community a means in which to socially interact and form those bonds by which a community finds it's real strenghts.
Mr. Roger M. Christian


National Dance Week
April 23rd through May 2, 2004
April 23rd Friday - 4-5:15 Come write poems based on fairy tales that feature dance with Katharyb Howd Machan, poet laureate of Tompkins county.  At the Wessex Bristol.
April 24-25 Saturday 8:00 PM. Sunday 2:00 PM.  Ithaca Ballet spring performance.  At Historic State Theatre.
April 27th Tuesdays Community School of Music and Arts, Inc, 330 East State Street - informal demonstration on the 3rd floor...607.272-1474
April 28th Wednesday - 7-8:30 PM  Come with poems about dance - your own and / or others' in a cmmunity reading led by Katharyn Howd  at the Wessex Bristol.
April 29th Thursday - 4:30 to 10:00 PM  World Dance Day RECEPTION 4:30 to 6:00 Art Exhibition, Ballroom Dancing ( Mr. Roger M. Christian Host ) 8 to 10:00 PM - Wessex Bristol.
April 30 Friday - 7:30 PM  The Cornell Caribbean Students Association Dane Ensemble presents CARNIVAL MADNESS Historic State Theatre.
May 1, 2 Saturday 8:00 PM, Sunday 2:00 PM   The Sharing  Our Cultures - Historic State Theatre.
We are an E - Publishing and are looking for dance news.
March 16, a new phase has entered, and more dance news about Ithaca is now in the making.
Up Front:
Two new players have appeared on the social dance scene, and after a couple weeks to see if these social dances are really social dances, and not a sales promotional stunt, then they will be actively promoted as recommended social dances.  This Saturday at Common Ground is a Latin Dance, and at the Chanti Loft, above The Chanticleer Lounge, Club social dance.
December 1, 2003, Dance Ithaca E - Magazine became a part of the internet.  Moreover with 35 year of dance experiences, Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian has a lot of information, true stories, and dance quips to publish.
To send picture Email the with attachments to 
  ::  Goto  Here   ::

Running a magazine is never easy, but building an effective web site can often make a huge difference in increasing sales, responsiveness, and consumer satisfaction.

I  willl use this site to provide the background for my dance services and explain the services I have to offer. People don't want to spend time figuring out what a dance academy does, so my E - Magazine will highlight the most important features of both my dance academy and the dance world, both in Ithaca and  the " real " world.  I have been thinking  of this E - Magazine web site as a kind of portal, giving dance consumers the information they want at a glance, and offering lots of links to draw them in to the rest of the site.

For example, I will do features on dance in New York City, or Miami from time to time, a different item on the home page each month, along with a link to interesting dance programs web sites where you can find more information on the greater world of dance, and other interest, ie. Fencing.
Down below is me and Professor Svetlana Shelest ( now teaching in Moscow ).

Got an event ? Posted it on IthacaEvents.Com = Click on Now

Dance Ithaca
Ithaca Dance Performance Network




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