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Information Please: Child's Children's Health.

Breast Feeding is considered the basic norm of every culture, society, and dominion.


Resource form: Please enter what you have to contribute either as a leader in a discussion forum, or availbale information resources you wish to contribute towards the topic..... International Cultural Alternatives in Child Rearing Techniques. Please be frank and to the point. Also the range is totally up to you. Almost all contributions will be looked upon with an open mind. Full name: Email address:
Comment: There is an important cultural - historic lesson here, and one which should always be emphasised. In the past: During the 1920s to about the mid 1980, breast were high'ly sexualized and exploited. Then, and for racial bias factors, African society was likewise looked down upon for bare breasted African women, along with breast feeding; their culture was view as being inferior. Now during the 21st Centruy: Breast Feeding is considered the basic norm of every culture, society, and dominion. Yet, for a while in European, and later in American culture this was considered something to be avoided. Nevertheless, and during the 1980s researchers who looked at " Mother's Milk " found it to be highly necessary for the full development of both the child's body and mental development. It was in New York city, at about that time, with these discoveries, passed a law making it legal for a women to show her breast. It will be in the next generation, when breast will be de - sexualized, and as result will help to promote good social health at the sametime.
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