The American Cities Directory:
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Cities within the United States:
The City of Albany, New York [] The City of Ann Arbor Michigan [] The City of Atlanta, Georgia [] The City of Baltimore, Maryland [] The City of Binghmaton, New York [] The City of  Boston, Massachusetts [] The City of Buffalo, New York [] The City of Columbus, Ohio [] The City of Cortland, New York [] The City of Dallas, Texas [] The City of Elmira, New York [] The City of Ithaca, New York 14850 [] The City of Las Vegas, Nevada [] The City of Los Angeles, New York [] The City of Miami, Florida [] The City of Miami Beach, Florida [] The City of Montreal, Quebec, Canada [] The City of New York, New York  [] The Town of Owego, New York [] The City of Phoenix, Arizona [] The City of Sayre, Pennsylvania [] The City of Rochester, New York []  The City of Syracuse, New York [] The City of Tel Aviv, Israel [] The City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada [] The City of Washington, D.C. []
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