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Symbol of Cutlural Democracy - Les Avanat Garde
Symbol of Cutlural Democracy - Les Avanat Garde
A brief of Les Avant Garde Ithaca

Les Avant Garde Ithaca

In the twist and turns of various movements, the increase of politicalizations of every aspect of life-when you are concieved to when you have died and buried, and far after your buried too-liberty and free expressions are becoming only metaphors used at a political rally or duing a nes conference. Art, theatre, and writings are bland, and the stuff in which they are printing on turns yellow faster as a result of being recycled paper.

World Wide blood is everywhere. Political hype is becoming a major industry, and when someone takes a long look into world issues at hand, the harder it becomes to know the truth. It is as if the mind personality of the species itself is shutting down.

Are we really free? Has been the rallying call for alot of people who have not seen the end of the growing madness, the Era of the Durge in which we, as civilized individuals have traped ourselves in. To be free, and to have open living spaces are becoming more limitied.

Emails, phone calls and letters have come in world wide. And they have created a focus. Les Avant Garde here in Ithaca-though its membership is through-out the world-whereas Ithaca is only an email-drop. Not looking for additional answers of difficult issues, but just wanting to live free. Arts and recreation. IE. Football, as creative associations are now being experimented. New media, along side representation and clear forms of the human body likewise are merging with art The writing of the experience being kissed for the first time being more important than a novel by Tolstoy. The idea of virgin being more applied to untouched land forms, than a woman's chasity. And to twique ( new word ) the INTERNET, programing new language by adding bi-nominal letter groups to creat new words. We once thought of using Klingong ( Yes someone did create a Klingong dictionary and grammar book too ! ), but we are not likely to hit barton octives require to pronounce most of.


Cultural Democracy, An Evolving Essay by Roger M. Christian  http://cultural-democracy.blogspot.com and his Cultural Democracy WebSite/  http://the-falcon1.tripod.com/cultural_democracy are all now proving their worth in producing them.

Other news are coming in daily.

In the meantime, the Arabs have come up with something new....
Sleeper Email

One: Sleeper eamil comes from those who are members-workers of various Arab regime buracracies, but who do not approve of its political action of one sort or another will email embrassing informtion through the email INTERNET systems.

Two: The programing of email with an embedded virus which only attacks the email it is attached to once it is closed-the trigger. Moreover, this form of INTERNET communication has one other fascinating aspect, the IP address is scrambled too! So once the email closes the enbedded virus destoys not only the part which can make the email, but all forms of emails which are recordable and thereby traced.

Roger M. Christian

e-mail:: danishfalcon@aol.com homepage:: http://the-falcon1.tripod.com/academic

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The Ithaca Cultural Driectory.

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