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Modeling Registry of Buffalo, New York
Hire a Model.
Models are attention getting business icons. Models represents the visual health and character of the business they represents. Models creates an atmosphere of pro - sales in the smile they project.

Visually the only requirement is a clean smile. There are no body arch types being sought! You are being hired by businesses and others - who should have at least a D.B.A., and they, as a result, are the ones who will judge the apperance of the models who they wish to represent their products, art renderings, or services. This is only a faciliative promotion to get you jobs. This is a judgement free effort..

There will be at this time no fees for this service. Only the use of your photos for other online publications, IE Buffalo Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC[] Roger 's Fashions and Trendsetters News once you are hired, and get paid first. Then as you develop possible affiliate terms to be negotiated and of which is soley determined by the success of this method of promoting you "first and foremost."

However, there will be no fraternization with those who hire you to model. More important, anyone who seeks to developed any relationship other than to which you are hired to "only"model will likewise not be tolerated.

Email your letter of intent, bio, and photo attachments to:

A Special WebSite is being develop for those who are at the age of 18 or younger.  Parental supervision will be advised on all model shoots.

Sample: Name / Portfilio Link.
Caitlin Melanie, Northampton, MA /   Portfilio Link.
Gireesh Kr Sehdev, Mumbai, Maharashtra India. / Portfilio Link.
Lucey Luxor    Portfilio Link.
Venise Baquerfo, Van Nuys/North Hollywood, CA    Portfilio Link.
Vaquar Shaikh, Mumbai, Maharashtra India. / Portfilio Link.
Jess McClain, Atlanta, Georgia    Portfilio Link.
Lisa Brown, Naples, Florida. / Portfilio Link.
HIH Princesse R@andi Bennett, Livingston, California. / Portfilio Link.
MaxField Parrish: Allen, Texas / Portfilio Link.
Ana Clare: Lisbon Portugal / Portfilio Link.
Octavia Jacques: Brooklyn, New York / Portfilio Link.
Manmeet Singh, India / Portfilio Link.
Name / Portfilio Link. Photo
Name / Portfilio Link. Photo
Name / Portfilio Link. Photo
Name / Portfilio Link. Photo

Now you can select where you want your model portfilio to be exhibited.

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