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New York

Create your own Dance Community Get Togethers, amatuer dance troupe, and social dances. First register by joining the Dance Community MSN discussion group @ DanceCommunity.  Then you will get group emails -as this becomes the list serve.


Ultimate goal - To Establish your own social dances .  [ New York State Social Dance Registry ].

 Group Posting Board [ Elmira Board ][ Dance is Fun in Elmira ][ Dance Together Group in Elmira ][ Proposed Dance Board ]


Ballroom Dance Classes Elmira, New York .

Ballroom Dance Classes Elmira, New York .
Latin Dance Classes Elmira, New York .
Elmira Swing and Lindy Hop Dance Classes .
Hot Hip Hop Action in Elmira, New York

Dance is Fun in Elmira Forum .

Dance News, Elmira, New York, USA


Hip Hop:

Latin / Salsa:

Swing Dance:

Dance News, Services, and Products. 


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Latin Dance Elmira

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International Students / Scholars InterCultural Communication Resources and Promotions for New York State:  To offer greater hospitality to incoming Internationals on our campuses nation wide.

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