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The first rule in getting your website is making sure it will be seen.
Mr. Roger M. Christian has the largest combination page one ranked websites in upstate New York, as well as one of the top ten nationally.
This was based upon a 4 year hard work and research in strategic positioning a high profile Internet network, along with the creative application of fortran in networking within the internet know as his  emerging matrix. 

Fragmentation: Breaking up a site to reach to a larger online user audience. Then later, concentration of site, as per this site.

Education - Brief: Mr. Roger M. Christian, Ithaca Night LIfe ( NightLife ), NY Publications, D.B.A. 607 - 451 - 8663 / 607 - 279 - 9945.

InterCultural Communications and Promotions:
There is already a clear fact in viewing this paper.  That the inclusion of the picture on your left made all the difference in both the presentation and how you recieved it.
This is at the hearrt of InterCultural Communications, and it can be applied to other areas.  There are no set limitations. 
An email is sent in conjunction with this paper, and both in combination will make it, likewise, easier to comprehend the full demension of this communication application. [ down loading applications in communications ]
This is nothing when compared to the cruciall use of critical path methods, along with addtional modifications of creative problem solving methods to make an Info - Sourcing Paper brief and to the point!


When you have room in a server, which Cornell University central computer has more than enough to outstrip Lycos, AltaVista, the use of google for advertising becomes more problematic, and may not be cost effective.
Presently, the use of satalite sites, once specifically used can be a more cost effective solution and be able to control the market aim in additional later modifications.  Just as important, it is the development of both a central directory, along with links to other sub-directories for a power source in which to enhance page rankings.
Once the above is applied along with [ The Matrix  ] system now being developed, the advantage of attracting the students / scholars, especially International pool becomes more clear.  Clear in this case, is the actual how to target successfully who you want to apply.  What this means, is that single insourcing and outsourcing of academic pedagogy through computer generated online information has less of chance of attracting this pool when compare to multiple sourcing.  [ This is where the email, along with downloading it on your computer, via notepad, or on a lap top which make this point very clear, and further suggest additional outsourcing methods for communications. ]
Thus Myspace use in conjunction with sites which are house in the Cornell server plus the new skills being developed in Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC InterCultural Communications Internet Network [ The Matrix ] adds to the ability in which to target students / scholars.

What the Internet is - " Cultural Democracy in Action."

The future of the Internet, and those who want to obtain success within this world rest solely on InterCultural Communications applications of all its inernal dynamics..

The Primary Focus:


In the arena of the Internet it is the online users and consumers of the information age, the central market core, which holds the keys of success in which developers of websites and those merchants of global wide production of goods and services are most sought after.  Once a website is placed within a searcfh engine index, that site and what it represents immediate has global status, and thus have additional responsiablities for the content contained.  The key focus of which is the pratical use of the key workings components, the keywords and how content supports them, in developing sites that primarily gains the attention of this market.
" Thus you have to be seen first and foremost and in less than 10 seconds in what you are selling which has to generate both interest and more important desire in order for this market to follow through and be convinced of what you are selling."
Every site iis the first and based on the prime behavior of the market forces of online users, who are in the meantime are becoming more educated in what their searched mean, and thus lasting impression opportunity ever organization has.   In this, and subsequent to every other analysis of the connection between online users and website product reactions " sexy " is the prime visual solidification of the users interests. But only temporary in order to get the market to react further and beyond the initial seconds of exposure on the computer screnes to invest time to sold on what is finally being represented on each site.
The Internet is very much like one very large " fortran program ."  The present search engines, and the computer programers who envisioned and subsequent designed their inner workings had one single vision...
 " that rankings are linked to the singularity which promotes cultrual democracy, the amount of how other sites are linked together, and the level of content each site has."
It how both content and links are viewed and are encouraged by the great investments these designers took in developing their various analogs contained in their crwalers / spiders, in which google is the most sophisticated, and thus ultra top secret.
It how one goes about in attracting attention and, now, tjhe additional focus which has to look is where each server is located, what are its access to the each search engine, and the company which houses them, and their ongoing relations and standings which is the foundation of each sites potential success.  Moreover, single directed sites, those who have one server and one system of producing and supporting in their development are increasingly becoming disadvantaged.
It is within this understanding that the high ground in producing the International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement and its support and created networks indicate future directions in site planning.  Thus once applied to other interests, outside of the emergining networking knowledge and conjunction to this effort will assist in the further incoporation of all relevant search engine crawlers / spiders, the envisioned cultural democractic visions of their developers, and the program of the Internet workling being successful triggered, the inner corem the primary software mployed, along with  its basic III, C plus, and unix propertise of each existaing computer on a massive global scale. Thus these sites are then computer program product as they will become parallel in their inception to each concern of the global market of OnLine Users; this is who each crawler / spider is specifically designed to protect.
Success is being seen first and foremost !


Thart each designed site must gain the attention of the OnLine users beyond the first initial reaction of ten seconds.

SUNY @ Binghamton Theaters:

Everything which deals with the global market being sought after, the individual interest is solely depended on keywords, and how their susequent page content supports them, and the crucial linkages to other sites, which attracts additional rewards in earned placement rankings by each  search engine crawler / spider.

This website attempt to offer a critical perspective on current theory and research in intercultural communication. In particular, I will focus on the growing fields of scholarship in cultural studies, critical theory, and multiculturalism, addressing this scholarship from a communication-as-discourse oriented perspective. What I mean by a "communication-as-discourse" perspective is that we will treat "communication" as an organic social phenomenon rather than as a static phenomenon of individual interaction. While I am well aware of a tradition of scholarship in intercultural communication which emphasizes the interpersonal interaction, this seminar offers itself as a critique of that tradition. We all should emphasize self - questions and practices of "diversity" (especially involving race, class, gender, and sexuality) as they manifest in local and global contexts in the United States. The principle objective is to develop a politically informed and self-reflexive praxis in the service of reframing the study of intercultural communication.

This an open format of  course I be searching for addtional comments, presentation, response, and discussion from the Internet and respective groups. My comments will introduce and situate the readings, interpreting key issues in the conversation and outlining theories of culture that develop therein. Each student / scholar who participates in developing either a National cultural fiesta, or International cultural fiesta should have the aspiration to take on - going recorded responses during the events palnned./  Analyzing the set of records and making additional modifications in future planning will put off arguments which t intervenes  with both vision and creativity, and enlight the field of academic conversation as a result. Additionally, students / scholars should self impose more responsiabilties in all future subsequent event planning.

The previous sites indicates the nature of the planning itself, and I  will make a theoretical and alert you to be prepared to do critical intervention in the field of intercultural communication. We should  expect  some light - heartedness to address some of the key theoretical issues that arise during each semester, as well as to involve critical readings of a text, event, or issue in the student's own area of research interest in others who are likewise involved with own events palnning. These experience should eventuallyl be presented in a mini-conference which will be scheduled near the end of each academic cycle.

Campuses who have major activity:

There is already a clear fact in viewing this paper.  That the inclusion of the picture on your left made all the difference in both the presentation and how you recieved it.
This is at the hearrt of InterCultural Communications, and it can be applied to other areas.  There are no set limitations.
See link above for further information.
Educational Brief


Euro - Quest InterCultural Communications: Seminars on Intercultural Communications

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The combination of these speicalized webing arrangement of sites are to give focus, and a training manual text in developing Intercultural Communications Internet Network, and the basis of its development, Cultural Democracy.  This adds a unique supportive feature in the additional developement of the Inter - Cities Cultural Communications Program initiated by Mr. Roger M. Christian.


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International InterCultural Communications and International Students / Scholars role finctions.  Here within this WebSite footer you will see several links which are connected to the major website with InterCultural Communications are it subject matter, as well as in its promotions within the Internet.  This has now proved to most effective, as you are now see thins as a result of earned google dot com rankings.
None the less, the determinates in how to translate the central them of Intercultural Communications are now determined within the scope of the definitions of what is InterCultrual Communications, InterCultural Communications and the Internet, what is InterCultural Communications to function or to be promoted as, why it should be emploted within every major academic institutions, and why it is important: Conflict Preventioning.

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InterCultural Communications - Conflict Preventioning WebSite - through the conflcit preventioning program, the International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement and the associated Policy Statement which brings it to focus through the frames WebSite presentation.  The Central Thesis.

InterCultural Communication - Conflict Preventioning WebSite - through the conflcit preventioning program, the International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement and the associated Policy Statement which brings it to focus through the frames WebSite presentation