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This is where you find and then hire dance bands, disc jockeys, and singers for all occasions and events. Most important this also a registry for same.

This is a information web site.  Moreover, for those who do not have a web site, a free one will be provided.

Auditions for Dance Bands and Dsic Jockeys
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Belief in yourself is the key requirement in producing your own sound and then taking the next step in forming your own band.
What this audition process allows you to try out both your new sound, or traditions dance music and have your band have a place in whihc it can likewise reherse - but interacting with a very active groups of dancers at the sametime.
Here on on the Ithaca Commons is the focus in which you can explore, while giving your fellow bands members the additional public opennings to get known  necessary for their musical development. It all goes on every Tuesdays - when the weather permits - from 7:00 to 10:00 PM and the time in which it starts will be posted soon!

You do not have to be from around the Ithaca area. All you need is willingness.

Please email :
or call 607 - 279 - 9945



It is here in Ithaca, the be-jeweled show case set  ( by a magnificent  waving of a magian's wand ) against lush forest, and flowing clean streams where magic happens.  This is to be a dance destination place for those fleeing the harder pressures and concrete metalica of big urban centers. Here there is escape. A place to come to rest and reflect in joy, dance and rediscover your life.



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Salsa Dance Dresses and Clothing Ithaca [ WebSite ]

Broken String Band
This their Myspace WebSite Portal

Melissa Kacalanos
Musician & Dancer - Click on picture to see her WebSite.

The Swing Gypsys
click on for My Space webpage

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 17, 2006 -- No longer content to work hard only to have their chance decided by multi-million dollar corporations, musicians are starting to take business into their own hands to be successful without limits. More often than not musicians are now choosing to be independent, not because they have to be, but because they want to be.

With our services, the Musicians becoming successful owners of business that works on its own, not just talented artists. After all, who is better in the sale of a band that the band itself?
"With the exponential growth of the technology and the globalization, the musicians finally have the instruments and vehicles to compete with corporate artists," says Samuel Ortiz, Producer, Lead Guitarist, Manager and Vice President of "With our services, the Musicians becoming successful owners of business that works on its own, not just talented artists. After all, who is better in the sale of a band that the band itself?"

The advancements in the technology of video and music combined with the growth of the internet have done possible that the musicians can have their songs wherever in their market of objective without having large expenses that consume the earnings of the sales of their musical product. There are many advantages for the Musicians that choose to remain independent, since the ability to retain the creative control, to the quantity of profit that can generate personally.

Also, musicians may use site to sell their music either in hard copy or digital distribution. SSBO Music also gives musicians random airplay on their website and features them with live interviews and music news. A musician can also use the companies gig book and forum to list their upcoming shows and can be booked through the website for free.

SSBO Music services include broadcasting, music distribution, digital distribution, ringtone manufacturing and distribution, concert bookings and promotions. The Organization is headed by Samuel Beniquez being established in 2006.

For more information go to

Latin Dancing to a Salsa Cambo in Ithaca.


Tri - Falcon and Dove Dance Academy
103 West Seneca, Suite 206A
Ithaca, New York 14850

(607) 279 - 9945  o
r e-mail:



The Band for the Genaration

Latin Sound Band is the band of the new era. Latin Sound is a band composed by international musicians that represents the new musical culture developed in the capital of the United States. Latin Sound elevates the Latin Music to a whole different level of entertainment. The flavors and roots of the Latin music mix with American Soul create a unique sound that only Latin Sound Band can provide. With Musicians from Puerto Rico, Colombia , Peru, United States, France,  Cuba and variety of Hard Core Salsa ,Reggueton, Bachata ,Latin Jazz,Merengue,Cumbia, American Music, R&B,= www.THELATINSOULBAND.COM

For Information:
Call 703-7310475


She got a lot out of her Latin dance classses at:
In addition check out the Latina Danza de
Arte Cultrual Web Site, and the Cuban
Cultural Web Site too.

Dance Performers too!
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Technical sound and stage systems for stages, theater or concerts.

Arts Search - An art job board containing listings, application for those who offering arts and dance related jobs or auditions, as well as for key management- director searches.  [ Arts Search ]


Click on for WebSite !



Farner Entertainment  Call Kelly Farner 717.443.0210

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