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Search Engine Limitations.
In the present expansion of the use of the Internet, along with the inclusion of rising businesses of the Pacitic - Rim of Nations, as well as the Asian communities of both India, and the Peoples Republic of China, there will come a point in which there will come a general meltdown.  The main factor is the ever increasing additions of webpages / websites.  Thus if you have 30 sites with similar information content from which each search engine uses to assign page rankings, the competition for being the first on page one [ which responds to users inquiry based upon what the user types on the computer keyboard ] will become more difficult. This was the recent past. Now the same now must accommodate 120 - then the potential point of the crash.
No not your computer. The search engine at some point in the future.  Then you will start to comphrehend the necessity of developing networks within you own business interest ' if ' your business is Internet dependent within your market plan.
This brings into view to nature and use of keywords more sharpely and the sharper burden of being more clear in developing and placing content onto your site.  The pressure - as it is today, November 21, 2008 clearly states what are becoming more competitive guidelines in getting to be seen, and then only really understood within the greater world created by the globalization culture caused by and triggeered by the use of the Internet.

Point: Keywords.
Search engines all look at keywords in the meta tags on something which is called the backpage [ items are often hidden by placing '<' , '>' repectfully ].  These tags are established to help gain the attention of the Internet users to locate the item in which the user is interested at that time.
In the Internet and in the present understanding of the market dyanamics whcih exist within the world wide web community, each search engine has assertes power rankings according to meta tagging, page content, type of incrytions being used ( IE. unix language at present ), inbeeded items, links, and the bit-maps.  However, as the Internet grows and with its ability to reach over International borders, the assigned values will change. 
Leading this is the use of idoms which are often cultural centric in their development and use.  This also includes different language uses and the volcabularities and how they are intergraded within the emerging globalization.  During the late 1800s the word Pajamas - which came from India - took about a couple decades for it being in global general use form its original incorporation into the English language through the door of The Raj ( British Mandate of India ).

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~ Cross Webbing ~
The combination of these speicalized webing arrangement of sites are to give focus, and a training manual text in developing Intercultural Communications Internet Network, and the basis of its development, Cultural Democracy.  This adds a unique supportive feature in the additional developement of the Inter - Cities Cultural Communications Program initiated by Mr. Roger M. Christian.


InterCultural Communications Programs:
International International Communications:  There a several aspects in shared human experiences, and the aspiration they contain which bond a people to a culture and behavior.  The ongoing process of development contained within this website sequencing of websites are to give bench marks of what is entailed in various culture's and nation's experience.
InterCultrual Communications:  There is a process in how to examine then promote basic features of the full cultural experience.  This website is an interactive education - orientation process which likewise enlist additonal information by each participant of there own efforts of personal discoveries; thus will add them according to the value of the information being provided.
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International InterCultural Communications and International Students / Scholars role finctions.  Here within this WebSite footer you will see several links which are connected to the major website with InterCultural Communications are it subject matter, as well as in its promotions within the Internet.  This has now proved to most effective, as you are now see thins as a result of earned google dot com rankings.
None the less, the determinates in how to translate the central them of Intercultural Communications are now determined within the scope of the definitions of what is InterCultrual Communications, InterCultural Communications and the Internet, what is InterCultural Communications to function or to be promoted as, why it should be emploted within every major academic institutions, and why it is important: Conflict Preventioning.

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InterCultural Communications - Conflict Preventioning WebSite - through the conflcit preventioning program, the International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement and the associated Policy Statement which brings it to focus through the frames WebSite presentation.  The Central Thesis.