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This page will present a complete list of support groups once they are established.  
 The critical path of development is  as follow:
Email your story and issues, with only your email name only.
Then the development of an internet group, and groups where exchange of information can be conducted in total confidentiality.
Then once you feel you are ready, then, and only then, revela who you are.   If you can not still do this, then at least report your issue only to Sheriffs Office of Tompkins County, and confide this only with them.
What must be clear, as the recommnedation is only given, and does not involve, nor has any solicitation, agreement, or intiation in any manner what so ever with the Sheriff's Office of Tompkins County.  This recommendation is given, in as much as this Office is more secured, and is not connected with any local interests which will have any deterance what so ever for you to press your compliant or issue.  Other than that, the second safest is The State Police.
The leading factor which this is presented in this manner is based upon the self-centered local  political interests, agendas, and public policy debates which seeks to dominate individuals needs, rather to develop the abilities to serve the public good based upon the needs of the individual.
There are several local service sectors which are not up to parr, and have grounded themselves in the isues of fund raisings, and self - images rooted with personal agendas.  Also a skewed form of social Marxism has a tendency to drown out the personal need for victims to find human shelters of personal peace, and the re -claiming healthy personal sexuality.
Critical note, as it also must be noted, both heterosexual  and lesbians females are both equal targets.


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