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Once groups are formed, and they, the groups developed coming outs, this will be listed.

Clients' Rights to Self - Determination:
First Choice:

The right for first choice of which gender to have as the constact person.

The single importance of the wives:

This is the critical aspect, even though males are being employed as volunteers, the need for their wives to be a part of the support structure is what the victims see, and it is in this crical coneection which established the additional element to the vivtims self - esteem has the greater gurantee of success.
It is the emotional maturity, brought about primary by his personal relationshipo with his wife, which makes his level of human resouce all the more valuable to the vicitims, and upon which they will feel more secure. 
Strong shoulders are sill strong shoulders.

Established groups:


Group one is already developing:

They are to decide their name here:

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