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Education - Brief: Mr. Roger M. Christian, Ithaca Night LIfe ( NightLife ), NY Publications, D.B.A. 607 - 451 - 8663 / 607 - 279 - 9945.

InterCultural Communications and Promotions:

InterCultural Communications Programs:
International International Communications:  There a several aspects in shared human experiences, and the aspiration they contain which bond a people to a culture and behavior.  The ongoing process of development contained within this website sequencing of websites are to give bench marks of what is entailed in various culture's and nation's experience.
InterCultrual Communications:  There is a process in how to examine then promote basic features of the full cultural experience.  This website is an interactive education - orientation process which likewise enlist additonal information by each participant of there own efforts of personal discoveries; thus will add them according to the value of the information being provided.

There is already a clear fact in viewing this paper.  That the inclusion of the picture on your left made all the difference in both the presentation and how you recieved it.
This is at the heart ( Chinese ethnic painting of birds ) of InterCultural Communications Promotions, and it can be applied to other areas.  There are no set limitations. 
An email is sent in conjunction with this paper, and both in combination will make it, likewise, easier to comprehend the full demension of this communication application. [ down loading applications in communications ]
This is nothing when compared to the crucial use of critical path methods, along with additional modifications of creative problem solving methods to make an Info - Sourcing Paper brief and to the point!


Promotions: [ The Matrix ]
When you have room in a server, which Cornell University central computer has more than enough to outstrip Lycos, AltaVista, the use of google for advertising becomes more problematic, and may not be cost effective.
Presently, the use of satalite sites, once specifically used can be a more cost effective solution and be able to control the market aim in additional later modifications.  Just as important, it is the development of both a central directory, along with links to other sub-directories for a power source in which to enhance page rankings.
Once the above is applied along with [ The Matrix ( multiple x, y, z, axis link indexing ] system now being developed, the advantage of attracting the students / scholars, especially from the advantagous International pool becomes more clear.  Clear in this case, is the actual how to target successfully who you want to apply.  What this means, is that multiple insourcing and outsourcing of academic pedagogy through computer generated  online information has a better chance of attracting this pool when compare to the present implaced systems.  [ This is where the email, along with downloading it on your computer, via notepad, or on a lap top which make this point very clear, and further suggest additional outsourcing methods for communications. ]
Thus Myspace use in conjunction with sites which are house in the Cornell server plus the new skills being developed in Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC InterCultural Communications Internet Network [ The Matrix ] adds to the ability in which to target students / scholars.


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InterCultural Communication - Conflict Preventioning WebSite - through the conflcit preventioning program, the International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement and the associated Policy Statement which brings it to focus through the frames WebSite presentation


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The combination of these speicalized webing arrangement of sites are to give focus, and a training manual text in developing Intercultural Communications Internet Network, and the basis of its development, Cultural Democracy.  This adds a unique supportive feature in the additional developement of the Inter - Cities Cultural Communications Program initiated by Mr. Roger M. Christian.


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International InterCultural Communications and International Students / Scholars role finctions.  Here within this WebSite footer you will see several links which are connected to the major website with InterCultural Communications are it subject matter, as well as in its promotions within the Internet.  This has now proved to most effective, as you are now see thins as a result of earned google dot com rankings.
None the less, the determinates in how to translate the central them of Intercultural Communications are now determined within the scope of the definitions of what is InterCultrual Communications, InterCultural Communications and the Internet, what is InterCultural Communications to function or to be promoted as, why it should be emploted within every major academic institutions, and why it is important: Conflict Preventioning.

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InterCultural Communications - Conflict Preventioning WebSite - through the conflcit preventioning program, the International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement and the associated Policy Statement which brings it to focus through the frames WebSite presentation.  The Central Thesis.