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Advertise by iFrames or Pixels.

iFrames:  How do they look websites.

I-Frames is the best method as it will show you site immediately, and more important you can change your site as often as you like with out having to go through us.
Getting Seen.
$ 500.00 / 3 months basic IFrame with one link to main website being used as the market base.
The Power [ Entire InterNet Campaign ] program.
$ 2,500 / 3 months basic iFrame with 20 buttons / banner links to available and owned popular [ the top 20 ranked ] websites back to the basic iFrame webpage. What this does is to create a power wave of a sorts in which the websites which are being linked from which we alreay have already achived either a page rank of one, or two, twenty of them being linked to your iFrame webpage and link then boost this page, and since you are already linked to this portal link trick you likewise get a page ranking boost as well.  What you will get is the tripple affect.
First:  The iFrame and link webpage is a specific webpage on one of ours successful page ranked sites.  Thus you get add visiablity.
Second:  The iFrame and link itself will add to your website potential power base as an immediate result once the various spiders hits your site, or your webmaster resubmits your site to the search engines.
Three:  The twenty selected page ranked websites for content similarities to your business will be adding potential power to the iFrame webpage, and which will immediately transfer the benefits onto your website.  The power wave.
Base rate is $ 80.00 = 100 x 100 pixels [ botton size ]/ 3 months.

Sue's Small Black & White Patterns
Each box is 100 x 100 pixels.
$180.00               $ 360.00            $   540.00             $   720.00
  360.00                  720.00              1,080.00               1,440.00
  540.00                1,080.00             1,620.00               2,160.00 for the whole box above.

Dance 4 America website is seen through - out the world and according to reports its market value has risen considerably as a result.  The advertaing rates above were reduced by 40 % of the real market value-due to the International economic slowdowns.