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Welcome to our web site!  ( still under construction and editing, now as of June 23rd 2004 80% and additionally today on Novemeber 19, 2005 90 %complete-additional coments and editing suggestion are now being solicited ). I had some minor suggestions.
First and up-font, a minority percentage of males do rape and sexaully harass females.  However, and with changes in the socio-economic and socio-cultual power spheres, and the contest for power there with-in, other trends have also occured.  This was brought about by changes in gender issues, and women coming to terms and success in the obtainment of real power.  A gender schism crisis has now occured, and if not dealth with now with the present availability of human resources, which are stil alive. the long term consequence  to not resolve this crisis,  the growing gender schism, could plunge the United States in to dictatorship!  This reflects the word ' Power ."
The need for this is explicit in The Testiment:

This word, "our " reflects  the commonalities of issues by the community of men in which many are either  unaware, do not have the needed pyshic constructs to focus, most not having a language of words as guide posts, or afraid to approach.  Never the less, the fears, anxieites, and  their ( " our " )sociocultural physic affects, though at first not well understood by most males, however, must be dealt with effectively.  Thus....
The Emasculates which exist in a small segment of women:
The  single focus is that about 1 in 3 Women have some sort of dysfunctional behaviorisms towards males, and among who, a third of this female minority, have very basic sexual anxieties about male sexuality: this, the " real "statistical value, is 1/9  of the female population, and about 1/27 are radical pro - fetish gynecocracy militants.   It is how dysfunctional behaviorisms and the additional sexual anxieties combine pathologically which induces imaginary " fear " realities from which these women must falsely accuse, as well as socioculturally emasculate males, and then use such accusations in their drive for power.   Moreover, it has instituted a growing socio-sexual schism [ The Gender Cap ] between males and females.  This has negativly affected personal relationships and social behaviorisms, as a direct result of the missing component of female self-policing, and further triggers more dependencies, within the infra-feamle cultural, upon major superstitions about male social and sexual behaviorisms.  The reasoning behind this view, as well as for this web site,  is explicit, in as much as this tiny segment of women have not been detected within our " shared " ( meaning both males and females coming to terms with equalitive social and sexual issues in constructing a society ) socio-cultural landscape, and have established themelves " dangerously " within the emerging power circles, along side,  in covert sociocultural subterfuge, mainstream responsiable women. 
They are very dangerous as they have successfully cloaked-masked themselves behind female-centered socio-political, and socio-cultural networks, even within sexual assault and rape prevention groups.  Not with standing, and with further inspection, this occurs in  regions in which women sexually attacks ( gynephobic-centered ) other  women.   In recent occurances in partnership with males co-conspirators.  More directly they are also socioeconomic threat to women who have sons, especially once that son is accused, or in the end found to be innocent.

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Warnings !
Any attempt to alter any of the conditions to the right of this column will have server sociocultural consequences, and have further sociopolitcal disasterous consequences - most of which will usher in the day of political dictatorship.
Everything within a free and open society is solely dependent on developing the critical aspect of the rule of law based upon human discourse.

An Interactive Computer Log Approach:
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Editing suggestions are also welcomed too, as well as research items as links.

What females must not only start to know - but more importantly accept!

Male focal point - reality:
Male aggressive tendency, centrality, is link to our delivery system ( sperm ).
Male emotional tendeny, centrality,  gentle innate specific,  is the link in the preparation for fatherhood.

The Healthy Male personality " The Singularity of Male Respnsiability " is when these two components are allowed to mature within a male child in an eviornment in which both these issues can be successfully explored.  Witnessing and participating in the birth of a child is most helpful. Most important here too is the critical function of the father.

The Ultimate in Male Sexual gratification and experiences occurs only within consenting environments.
Not only by a consenting female, but the object to which the implcations of consent is traditionally implied  - the birth of a child.  Married couples usually has the best sex.

Roger M. Christian Founder

In the meantime:
What should be pointed out, is that in order for women to find real security within our on going  co-development of a civilization, self-policing must emerge within the field of  Women's Ownership IssuesThis is the only expected reaction by women I expect, and solely by women's groups themselves doing the probing and  the internal conformation work, in as much as, it could, also, trigger a greater unity of purpose from within and outwardly for a more progressive response for our society. 
What is more critical:
In order to allay the anxiety that most Women have about male sexuality, and to start the destruction of their own superstitions  about the male infra-cultural behaviorisms and the additional gyne-related anxieties,[  fears of penitration without their consent, their legtimate proposition of " NO "and the pain of birth among others] women must have a fuller understanding of what is in fact is manhood! .  It is from the lack of really comprehending male sexuality , from which the female miltants' the emasculates, have been successful  to create male sexual drive mythologies to emerge, as a result.  Not - with - standing thereof is how this , in marketing affects, supports and promotes pornography [ According to covert interviews with AdamEve people, the best market device which have caused a massive increase in sales of pornoography is this faction of female militants , the emasculates, inducing sociocultural anxieties about manhood , as it also established explicit lesbian festish sexual vinates to become a necessity in every producted video ].
Thus by  giving accurate view points, about us, as males, and based upon hard core research this effort is to service and  educate all males, and specifically those who are being falsely accused. The research and the detail langauge expressed in the research,  allows women to focus more careful attention to every aspect of male centrality. This is done in the open, and is very honest.  What should be cautioned in the meantime, is that is just one male initiating this, me, and with humility, and thus in common humanity some erros in judgement may or could have occur.  I did my best. This is the honest explosure of the males centered basics motivational behaviors among responsiable male sociocultural and sociopolitical segment. 
 It is reconmended that each woman who reads the enclosed should  personally examine each statement,  as it relates to their " own " internal socio-sexual personality constructs  first and foremost, not with standing, their experiences with males too,  and then to initiate their own focus.  Hopefully, this will trigger a Womyn's Organization to Prevent False Accusations.  Moreover, the leadership is there among those women who are given birth to sons.
A briefing with city of Buffalo feminist  was done just before I put this site up, and the women  reacted to this, said quite plainly this focus-web site is historically and urgently needed.  Several mother's have already emailed me between Decmeber 3, 2004 to most recent, November 18, 2005 ~ about their sons being falsely accused.  Thus the additional  important condition of which, is to develop an accurate  focus to bring about a society based upon value systems, triggered by sexual equalities.  ( Note the plural-its important )

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Computer technology is rapidly changing and encompasses a wide range of possibilities, and, unfortunately, can be rudely exploited.  Thus this site will be extremely cautious about pictures, noe is most perferrable, as I will try, and will assume a sanitary clinical look and editorialism as result.  Thus, the issues involved will take the approach in the operating languages , in therory,  though, and termenologies of clinical pathologies.
Operating a computer  is now very easy, for most, but building an effective and organized social focus web site on the issues, Males Who Are Falsely Accused can make a huge difference in responsiveness and the rapid establishment of necessary social defenses.

What should be pointed out, never the less, is that these women directly endangers the " historic " courageous determination that women had to take to in order to achieve equal status with men.  Moreover, this dysfunctional female minority 1/27, and their support nets of 1/9 women, are future breeding grounds for something that is now starting to emerge.  Rape Gang Cells, and Rape Ganging-the " relationships " coalition between men who have dysfunctional behaviorisms towards women, and women who have similar attributes, but towards men.  ( Note the key word " relationships " ) 
Please get in touch to offer comments and join my mailing list, now.
Respectfully yours,
Mr. Roger M. Christian

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