Males Who are Falsely Accused:

Testiment or Not:

The Testiment 2004:
The bio - genesis of male aggressive behavior is inextricably linked to our delivery " life's " system, and emotional instincts in which its heterosexual emotional support structures are  gentle.  This represents  our innate physical , and pyschological drives to produce children  This is the socio-genesis of our on going constuction of human civilizatiuons.  That progessive civilizations are initiated circumstances of the socio-cultural and socio-political extensions of FATHERHOODS. Note the plural.
Thus males are fully aware of the critical differences between  when we are hurting in contrast to being gentle.  Moreover, our emotional subconscious, the innate,  of our sexuality is gentle oriented, though the physiological drive component is totally aggressive.  When they are both active at the sameting provides the critical emotional-pyschological support structures and linkages to achieve complete balance during the act of sexual union.  Thus in the  consenting conditions of that sexual union, the experience is magnified-thus is MORE sexually desired by mainstream males
The emotional release after this specific experience is awsome.  Not with standing, thereof, the experience in that union, for us, is total collaboration with our innate instincts of gentleness in life's experience-within the life giving bio-force of our own bodies. Though the expression ' Wet and Wild is often miss-used, none - the - less to actual physical experience  of union is the most gentle exerience a man can ever have in our lives. The expected ends of which is " our "conformation of the reality, procreation, and is rooted in our collective physical  experience, and not with standing, the  socio-genetic results the ends of union, CHILDREN.
 It is the emotional and sexual means in which the recognized human development of male innate sexaul drives, and their emotional responses, which ultimately prepares us for both fatherhood,  The enjoyment therein, and the necessary means to create  supportive civilizations.  This reflects the known conscious behaviorism of two thirds of the male population,  who and what we are.  Thus, we are   fully conscious of its developmental aspects to our roles towards  healthy living  heterosexuality; and its physical and emotional sexual patholgoies, as well as  their extricable linkages to the male innate.  The ends of which is the anthrocultural social manisfestation of " fatherhood".  This also, again, is the socio - genesis of civilization.
The scope of the present ethos:
In the efforts to achieve sexual equalities ( Please, agin note the plural. ), manisfestly, women looked upon power as the means to be applied to their ends.  Morerover,  their  view of the male historic roles and perceptions of power, then, as it does in present times, has skewed present day perceptions about male sexual behaviorisms ( within the resulting neuroses, often those neuroses cause by the struggle for power ).  What has been happening is the infra-female culture has, unaware, as result of power struggle related neuroses, have also been implacing a growing socio-sexual schism between males  and females.  At times not fully aware that their neuroses exists. 
The primary causes  are the neurotic superstitions of the territoriality ends of males historically achieving power. What the relevant, and there are considerable resource avenues to explore this, historic evidence of human behavior then indicates,  now ironically applys to both males and females. 
This is centered on the socio-sexual perceptions of the struggle for power  of how it underminded the necessity of a clearity of focus in viewing accurately, the false superstitions it  is now creating. Their underlinning or hidden socio-sexual neuroses are at times a complete socio-cultural subterfuge towards overall social and sexual male behavioralisms in general.
This historic on-going  process has further underminded civilization role to focus on the crucial present evidence of linkage between our delivery system and the emotional constructs of male personalities .  And to provide at the sametime the centrality of  healthy hetero-sexual role functions, as a result.  This is the central cause and effects in which we, males, are increasingly becoming vulnerable to sexual slander and giving rise to our own internal neuroses towards women as a result.
Cautious comprehensive:
What this, as a result of not coming to terms to these issues, their, the leadership of the  infra-female culture. in the histoic views of the means and struggle to achieve sexual equality. many did not foresee the crucial needs or aspects for self-policing to gurantee the success of the feminist agenda.  Further on their part,  as female leaders' have had a considerable part in the sociosexual responsiabilities of accidently  triggering the resulting socio-political schism of variois and at times complex male - female relationships involved.  This has also initiated  a growing disunity within the infra-female culture.  Secondary affects is that they have not comprehended it's static affects on delaying male maturity at the sametime to those who are born after 1967. Thus with increasing, and alarming statistics males are not going to marry as a result.  Or how this has  also underminding their end goals ( again, note the plural ) of sexual equality.
It is within the present unknown, and thus to be the here-in forementioned, ' The Testiment, ' sexual equality begins when both male and female components of human society finds commonalities in self-policing attitudes within their respected infra-sexual cultures.  This means, in the mean time, and there from it's bio-genetic innate forces, the critical " positive "connection involved between, and " for " both sexes.  The individual workings of which are the real connections, and not superstitions of the other. The focus of which are between the innate drives which produces aggressive behaviorism, primarily our delivery system, along too, their emotional expectations, and balance assurances within their innate support structures, the " id revealed " and it's further impact of operating dynamics in the ends of sexual union.
What is still not clearly comprehended within the infra - female culture, are the innate dynamics of realtionships that were being altered during their historic acculturalization of power, and how some aspects of power negatively impacting stable infra-female, female to male realtionships and the consequence of creating sociocultural trauma among their, our children.  This centers on territoriality.
Brute Force ( A Dsyfunction Comprehended ):
Before the 19th Century: What was really happening, is that as a result of   males once acquiring sexual maturity, IE. fatherhood, his - our  historic  " X " factor in which other males have been able to exploit as a socioeconomic and sociopolitical weakness to be used to gain dominance through income, and resource intimitation, or varoius acts of brute force.  War!  The overall, intent to motive, was to emasculate, as well as interject the growing dependency of civilization's ethos on either economic and /or military power as another means to gain dominance.  This. the " X " factor,  was also the component in which pro - democratic males had of the 19th century and thus, as a result,comprehended the importance of why feminism at that time to be important.  The critical link, was in discovery of the issues that women had, and the realistic impact upon the American civilization once their goals of sexual equality came about.  The opperating component, was the same innate factors which creates the socio-cultural practice of fatherhood. 
Territoriality and political controls are the significant processes. and why massive numbers of families were forced to surcumed and then were herded, and the causual establishment of slavery came as a result during the 16th cnetury.
Abuse and Vulnerabilities:
In the pursuit for power to achieve sexual equality, the real dynamics of power, and without any evidence of self-policing thereof, traditional female co-relationships were exploited  by the here before mentioned 1/3 women to screen, sebterfuge, ( hide behind lables or false flaggs ) , their, the 1/27, intent were to abuse males, and there after other women. The subterfuge curtain of the 1990s was then drawn.   Relationships are becoming the means by which a third of this minoirty female community further exploits other females by the socio-cultural implied superstition towards male innate personality constructs.  Thus a political process of having power over other women have been established as one of the sought-after results within various groupings. 
Though the target,  publically,  are initially males, the real ntended target is power over other other women.
Since the mid - 1990s,  this with increase frequency is damaging, their, the infra - female culture internal undrstandings, while falsifying at the sametime, under ruse of superstitions,  male extricable linkages between aggressive systems of drives and their, our,  emnotional support underpinnings.  The ruse of this power struggle is to cut off the main resource of the primary male emotional support underpinning, relationships with women.  What must be made clear is their, the small core of this group of  these women,  their socio-political interests, are their ends of which is to achieve social, sexual, political and spiritual territorialities slices of power.   The signature evidence of which is found in females purchasing male on male sexual videos [ AdamEve covert interviews ] , and the recent increasing socio-sexual phenonmena of sociopolitical disassociations with other women who have sons, women sexually attacking other  women,  as well as violence towards lesbians
" The additional associative core of dysfunctional sociopolitical tendency is initiated when Lesbians are feared by these women - for it is the Lesbian Communities who have the pychic established skills and ability to unvail who these women are. "
  In essence linking power with esculating forms of  abuse under the cloak of traditional female network  relationships relations as the means, the growing internal socio-sexual cancer of the infra-female culture to destroy their unity. 
Women````Cautionary Note:
 The single factor why other women should be ever more concern, is that the behavior, emphasized here,  indicates the arch type female which sexually, and/or humiliates other women. ( This in a covert interview with pornography films AdamEve is the prime marketing consideration factor behind recent market trends in their industry, as well as the enlarging customer base of females purchasing male on male sex videos. January 2001 )
Lost of Sexual Equality:
Cautionary note; therewithin, is that in the historic acculturalization to acquire the means of power from which to accomblish the ends of sexual equality, it has produced a subculture of " the struggle " which has negated the necessary focus towards self-policing, while at the sametime, unaware, producing the poliferation of superstitions ground work about male sexuality; this is the cause of the growing socio-sexual schisms
The affect target to emasculated is the male delivery system component!
Moreover, and saddly, it is the overall impact, in essence, upon the needed developing consciousnees of feminism which could in the end, if not clearly understood now, cause the lost of  female sexual equality.  It is within the dynamics of power and how power is governed, and self-policed, from which needed new behaviors are now needed to preserve the accomblishments of  female sexual equality. 
It is the connection, as it must be, also, cautioned, between power, and certainly not in all instance, and the anthromorphisms of territoriality on " how " it affects both sexes together in a single focus; as this is also, involves the establishment of the correct perception of the opperating pathologies within sexual harrassment, rape, torture, and murder, not to mentioned, within specific historic instances, war.
A further focus of who we are as males:
Lastly, it is upon this plaform, and its future direction of discovery, that self-realization of fully comprehending the sexuality of males, by the female infra-culutre starts to come to honest terms of male bio-genetic sexual behavior, and it's impact upon towards our social behavior in genreal.  The wall of superstitions will be emotionally removed as a result.  That within the socio - sexual dynamics of coming thus far, females will accurately be able to view the inner  workings of the infra-male culture attempting to come to terms with our internal conflicting anthromorphic mongynous and polyandrous instincts in establishing both social and sexual relationships.
That there exist a spearation between our delivery " X " systems and our emotional " Y " constructs.  That these X and Y components are a functional personality.  That it is the function of culture how the X and Y factor relates  and are organized in the development of a healthy individual personality.
Other orientations:
     Monogyny.. Polygny..Female Icons - Environemtnal Preservancy.
Most importantly, this will give an even more accurate picture of the  developmental role modeling paradigms of  " the male " perception of the healthy female specimen, as a drive subconscious icon.  It's, the icon,  unknown connections in our innate intincts towards environmntal preservancy and it's further connections to replacing the equalibrium  back in that preservancy.  Furthermore, in the efforts in achieveing equalities, the critical issues of male sexual " diverse instincts " both monogyny and polygny  becomes exposed as legtimate orientations ( both monogynous, and polyandrous ) within their operating human dynmics.  ( Note, the connection between the male paradigm of the female healthy role specimen model, which changes in historic cycles, and the enviornmental preservancy, lends more emphasis on reeempowering the goodess traditons of olde. the female fulfillment of both of becoming that icon, or goddess,  and it's relationships to preservancy of the enviornment ) Thus, this " should " place more emphasis upon personal conduct of establishing realistic human and family covenants, not with standing the additional protective needed legislation of law, within both human social and sexual realtionships, as a resutt of society coming to terms of diverse orientations within human sexuality.  This also includes those of alternaitve orientation.  That within the bio-genesis of human civilzation neither the origins nor the ends of the innovation of civilization should not be ignored in the full development of sexual equality; for this allows more free operating fields of research and the resulting diversity of life styles to emerge to redress those intrernal stresses which produces human neuroses, both male and female.

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" We " as men really have nothing to appolizes for.  Our drives, and our instincts are as they should be.  Moreover, our common reguard for life and social values are pretty much  on the mark in both behavior, and common participation in life it self.

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