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This is the Local, National, and International Social Calendar WebSite.  The purpose is to allow those event producers who are on limited publicity budgets access to a vital resource in which to publish their on - going weekly events.  This likewise applies to those who have larger budgets.
None the less, and possibly more important, this gives the person who is using this site to plan out effectively be their planned destination city, and creating this site inorder for them to additionally do some cross referencing of other communities' events; and just may have influenced their decision to expand their travels.  While these interests are being served an additional, and likewise this sites central importance is that it provides immediate proof of International InterCultural Communications in this sites comparative of events between the communities contained within this site being produced while at the sametime encouraging wider promotions of these produced events at the sametime.
If you are an event producer which has an on - going weekly event you should look up your city's listing, and if listed, then fill out the interactive form reporting who you are, represent, and the event, or events you are producing.
You will note several cultural blocks are included in these WebPages, or activities / resources.  These are the cultural resources, sort of cultural playing or an InterNet playground, in which will prove handy in broadening your vacation scope, personal travel conversations, especially with those who are sharing you airline seat next to you, as well as helping your family find more interests in the areas in which you are visiting.
Ithaca, New York is the community in which this Free Service is authored by Mr. Roger M. Christian is from.....
Ithaca, New York is a great city of opportunities.  Moreover, it is a community in which you can personally grow and get in touch.

This web site is among others are designed by  Mr. Roger M. Christian to bring to Ithaca and the surrounding communities,IE. Dryden, needed visions. The city of Ithaca is at a point of making a historic change, and if that chnage is to be for the better, then other things will also have to happen first.  Right now, there are several defensive , and emotional fear anxieity related which has created resistance socio-cultural blocks to getting involve.  Nonetheless, and once you examine this site in its completion, then you will begin to comprehend the necessay vision for Ithaca to grow and prosper.

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First Focus:

Initiation Spur:
Academic focus and beyond campus activities.
Cornell University is both an academic institution as well as a research center.  It is it's research capacity this focus is to concentrate upon.  The city of Ithaca, New York is the prime community which facilitates the public untilities, and off campus services of Cornell University, as well as Ithaca College, TC3, Wells College, and Empire State College.  None-the-less, the city of Ithaca which now must look for additional opportunities for advancing the social, economic, and cultural needs of it's citizens, and not Cornell University or Ithaca College.
Thus Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY intercultural initiative and mission is now three fold:
1. Establish an Inter- City Cultural Communications Network ( This is now 40% completed )
2.  Promote the city of Ithaca as the Cultural Magnet Destination City of the Tri - State Region of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  ( This is now an acknowledged International known campaign - as copies of this promotional have appeared.).
3.  Provide a focus in which to attract others, especially those who are local researchers-whose technological innovation has clean industrial applications , to investigate the development of alternative National and International Services, and Exportive Entertainment services and futures industries. ( This is the newest component ).
Developemental Extractions:
This website was developed to attract the attention of students / scholars, and top researchers at Cornell University and Ithaca College - who have the ability and interests to create and broaden the economic - industrial based of the city of Ithaca, New York
Social Extractions:
Off campus activities offer a broader range of social and cultural opportunities which are not present on campus.  Moreover, the connections between personal aspirations and testing ones abilities to manisfest these aspirations in both social and cultural marketable terms are impelling factors to participate off campus.  The limitations for on campus activities are in their dynamics are driven by administrative anxieites.  Where as limitations for off campus activities are solely determined by both market dynamics and rule of law, and their internal safety systems of legal redress and relief.
Employment Extractions:
The first initiative for part time applications for employment is now based upon a search for On-Campus representitives who earnings are based upon generous commissions rates for high quality and top notched goods and services

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1. Ithaca, New York
A Gritty upstate City Where the Grassroots are Green

By Jon Spayde

There's a faintly penciled line of graffitti in the men's room at the DeWitt Mall in downtown Ithaca, New York, that reads: "Places for graffitti like this provide a forum for people who otherwise might not be able to express themselves!"

You've got to love a town where populist values are on display so openly-and so politely-even in the john. For that matter, you've got to love a town where a "mall" can be a converted high school, now occupied by a pair of scholarly bookstores (used and new), a shop that sells African drums, a world-famous vegetarian restaurant (Moosewood), and an array of alternative service providers ranging from bodywork to the office of a citywide arts festival. A town where the Chamber of Commerce lets its members pay part of their dues in a colorful local currency adorned not with dead presidents but with local heroes and indigenous animals. A town where the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute puts on an exhibition of Tibetan paintings in an Elks club.

It's the same story nearly everywhere you go in this college town of 30,000 (plus 20,000 students) at the southern end of Cayuga Lake in south-central New York. From the famous Ithaca Hours alternative currency system, a local form of money that's accepted by hundreds of merchants, to EcoVillage, a housing community dedicated to practicing the values of environmental sustainability, Ithaca stands as the very model of the word alternative, which here is understood to mean a serious, thoughtful, powerful civic force with many faces and a strong inclination toward social inventiveness. The innovations coming out of Ithaca offer a worthy challenge to what one Ithacan I spoke to called "the business-as-usual crowd."

And make no mistake, business as usual is part of the Ithaca scene too. There's a strip-U.S. Highway 13 north of town-with a very unfunky mall (Pyramid) that wouldn't be out of place in Anysuburb, USA. There's sprawl, although local activists waged a 14-year struggle that finally stopped plans to put a four-lane highway through the city and fought for three years-successfully-to keep Wal-Mart away. There's a small ghetto at the south end of Ithaca: "not a dysfunctional neighborhood, but a troubled one," as another local told me. The Commons-a highly walkable two-block pedestrian mall that forms the core of downtown-has some vacant storefronts amid its lively mix of shops. And Cornell University, the Ivy League behemoth whose vast campus sits astride steep East Hill like a feudal castle compound, is both a powerful force for change (many "alternative" townies are Cornell spouses or alumni) and-as progressives who have fought to unionize the university and make it contribute its fair share to the municipal government will tell you-a bulwark of the status quo. So, far from being a countercultural Eden where good vibes have solved all urban ills, Ithaca is a work in progress. What's stunning about the place, though, is the sheer volume and quality of social innovation, pragmatic activism, spiritual seeking, open debate, and homemade and imported cultural fun that goes on here-in an atmosphere of robust local pride.

There's a lot to be proud of, and to protect. Right in the middle of the Commons is a public sculpture, a big brick circle, around which, at the correct compass points, are many of the names you need to know to orient yourself in the Ithaca landscape: Cornell, of course (to the northeast), and South Hill (where Ithaca College sits), Buttermilk Falls, Inlet Island, West Hill, Cayuga Lake. Ithacans love and take advantage of their lucky perch between the brainpower of Cornell and the beauty of the surrounding hills. "From my house," boasts Ithaca Hours founder Paul Glover, "I can walk four blocks in one direction and use the Cornell library-one of the biggest collections of information in the world-or go four blocks in the other direction and dive naked into a lake."

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