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Chicago this is your social calendar below in which you can place those weekly - ongoing - events which are sponsored by existing organizations. The application to post these events are also included on this site. 
Mr. Roger M. Christian

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Operation Proud to Serve
Persian Gulf Veterans ;  This is how you support and assist in the effort to assure that those who go into conflict are honor and respected.
Veitnam Veteran of America Association ~ Chapter 377th Ithaca / Dryden / Corland, New York  
Nam Express - the Online Newsletter of the 377th VVA


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Chicago is the central hub of America upon which it's broad networks has links to every other city in the United States and beyond. This is part of a Website series which has two missions.  One:  An Inter - City Cultural Communications WebSite program between the cities of Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Toronto, Washington, DC., and Ithaca, New York.  To promote the City of Ithaca as the Cultural Magnet Destination city of the Tri State Region of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  The second state development of this promotional; now under-way.  This is the Euro-Quest Night Life, RMC series which has included, Athens, Berlin, Copenhagen, Kiev, London, Madrid, Moscow, Oslo, Paris, Prague, and Rome in to this Inter - City WebSite program.  Two: The Cultural Democracy Project  Is a special method in which to develop stronger and more market'able WebSites.    What this means, is that through the online interactive enclosed internet forms,and later surveys,  the community user will have a say of what goes on to these WebSites  Three:  And you are looking at it.


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