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Dance Archive - 14-9-2007



" ALMOST UNBELIVEBLE!!! " is how the promoter will tell it.  None the less, ever since the Czech state broke away from the tight strngs of the former Soviet Union, everything cultural in this Eastern European civilization has been booming.

The July 1st through the 7th festival will includeude classical dance, hip hop, folk dance, theater dance, dance drama, modern dance ...

The pople there, by all reports and ionternet groups whose focus is both county and social events are more than willing to assist visitors.  Prague is regenerating itself in its traditional setting and sociocultural mecca of hospitality.  And for good reasons...with this event the best dancers in the world are more than willing to show up, and have done so. The weather, the city which looks like itself should be in a gift shop, and where coffee competes open'ly with other forms of drinking habits, and winning too! are all most most appealing to the International world of dancers.


Prague, The Czech Republic is reguarded as one of the leading splendend cities in Europe and the city has made huge investments to allow the best to perform on the stages, show art, rally public entusiasm for dance and facilitate an International corps of friendships from America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

From the news releases and promoters of the Competition they state:" We will prepare a rich programme for you, full of performances, trips, rehearses and workshops, where you can show any type of dance and observe the other dancers and share the knowladges with all lovers of the wonderful art - DANCE.

There are no limits of age, cathegories, language, culture, skin or religion. Just pay 489 euro for ****HOTEL with the half pension, for the trips, trasport in Prague, theaters, translaters, medical care during rehearses and performances, for a cruise on the river with a festive dinner and the final gala show with awardings and the closing celebration of all winners. You can win many original cristal cups and for the best group 1000 euro from our sponsor - the GRISHKO ltd.

In few weeks the whole promo material will be ready, so you can order it writing us to our e-mail: info@praguedancefestival.cz. Also the updated web sites will be available in the end of September. Meanwhile you can see the winners of 2006 on: www.praguedancefestival.cz and see the last programme of 2006.

Let us know if you have any questions "

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