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The Falcon and  Doves Dance Troupe's-Technical Main Page:
Telephone:  607  -  279  -  9945


Notes: Infra - group dating will be discouraged.
Training routines:
10 to 15 minuets yoga.
15 minuets ballet barre.
10 minuets floor routine ( ballet ).
40 to 45 minuets dance choreography covering these areas:
Latina Danza de Arte;
Ballroom Theatre Arts;
Modern Dance;
Dan " Z " ing to " da " Jazz;
Israeli Folk Performance - Modern Arabic Debakhs.
Note:  Two or three women be selected from this group to spin - off a Women's Circle Dance Troupe.

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The individuals who show a sense of excellent and personal content of character will be encourage to take dance teacher training.
Different Levels of Troups Assigned Agreed Status:
Amatuer...sort of work study, in as much as the training is free, and thus required tot perform at community level dance events.
Pro-Amatuer is that you get paid for the performance only of each event which sells tickets under the Tri Falcon and Dove banner-title.
Professional get paid for rehersals and performances, or a monthly stipen.


Dance Cities:
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