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Latin Dance Classes Ithaca

Latin, Salsa, Dance, Class, Classes, Lesson, Lessons, Ithaca, Syracuse, Elmira, Binghamton, Owego, New York City, Rochester, Buffalo, Troy, Albany, Utica, Washington D. C., Mambo, son Motnuno, Merengue.



4 Dance Lessons for $ 20.00
~ Orientation Specials ~
Dance classes being re - schedule
7:30 to 8:30 PM Hot Hip Hop Dance Classes Ithaca
8:30 to 9:30 PM Choreography / Latin
Latin Dance Classes @ Shangrila Gifts
7:30 to 8:30 PM  Wedding Ballroom Specials.
8:30 to 9:30 PM International and American Smooth Ballroom - Basics - Intermediate - Advance
7:30 to 8:30 PM Hip Hop Dance Classes
8:30 to 9:30 PM Latin Dance Classes
All @ TBA ******************************************************************************
9:00 PM Latina Danza De Arte ~ Master level dance classes for preparation for competitions, performances, and teaching.
Cost for Master level dance class is $ 15.00 each hour.

New content of Latin dance below:


Ask every dance champion how they were able to become world class competitors.  They will simply state......" That the first time they took dance lessons, the dance instructor not only showed how easy it was to learn, but more importantly. how to get in on  ' da  ' Jazz of the dance music itself. "  Dance Instructions are very easy, and they also help to relieve tensions at the sametime at TFDDA.
Class Schedule: [ Registration   Orientations   ]
1/6/2004:  Tuesdays:   7:30 to 8:30 PM  Orientation  8:30 Basics-Advance
1/8/2004:  Thursdays    TBA                                                                                                     [ Registration for  Spring and Summer ( Orientations ) ]
                                   Locations: Cornell Daily Sun
                                                      Adjacent to The Ithaca Journal
Latina Danza de Arte  ( Latin Dance Theater Arts ) Comming Mid-June  2005- [ Want to learn the show quality of Latina Danza ? ] Saturdays - Sundays:
Upon request, and for those who really desire to learn "  The Hard Core " of Latina Danza.  Son de Cuba  please Email me now.
Important Notes:
Mambo will be taught trationally   ' Twos '
Son Montuno "                           "  ' Ones '
also Guanarcha -- the New York City Street Version --          

To Assist Cuban Latina Cultural Pride:


Son de Cuba , and Guanguanacha/Guanguanarcha origins



Cuban and Latina - Latino Heritages:
                  Salsa Danza Ithaca
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                     Join Mambo Danza Group
                            A discussion and interest group for Latina Danza de Arte.

This page is dedicated to all commentaries concerning the recent marketing of the term Salsa.  Salsa being reguarded in Latin America as only Latina Musica.  It is the position of TFDDA that this term is part of market ploy from which  to create a focus of  Latin Dance Tradition away from the El LATINA DANZA de ARTE  homelands.  Main'ly Havana Cuba.  The ploy was created from the various dynamic cultural, and social - political  engines of  New York City.  Note the plural.
Salsa is simply variations of Latina Musica diversity which centers on the variations of how Clave is employed and highlighted into syncopated rythums/beats from which the various rythum styles are based on how the &  signature is employed within the clave meter line.
 This, and only this,  triggerd the greater diversity within Latina Danza  de Arte. Primarily in Cuba, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Mexico, and Argentina. Essentially by teenagers who heard distinct innovative rythums and sounds for the first time, and then expressed accordingly.
With this in mind, this page will go into details and the histories involved.  Moreover, this has every thing to do with the hidden fact the Socio-Poltical Latina Revolution that the Young Lords of Harlem, a group which grew out the late 50s - early 60s,  successfullly brought about the perception of  Latin Harlem , and Latin Pride and Cultural parity with the Anglos of New York City, which triggered a greater socio-cultural Latina Danza boom. 
Later on in New York City, the Young Lords were estrange to other Latinas by incorperating radical Marxism, and thus of their cultural successes were both scape goated and economically exploited.  About a group of  The Seven ( the author's words only to describe who and what more effectively ), after the great concert of Latina Music at Yankee Statium ( 64,000 Latinas attended  ) saw political week linkages in the leadership of  The Young Lords in their connections to the 60s Marxism of that time,  which they then exploited to separate their and other leadership role models from not only their fellow Latinas, but more crucial to control the market share of the money, which was already coming in at Latin Harlem, New York City.
Also, outside the Latin American U.S.A. Community, most anglos could not hear the two beat in the popular Laitna Musica at that time.  What they could pick out was the one, or down beat.  With heavy influence of  Latinas form Puerto Rico, whose culture focused on the one beat,  there was a gradual shift in which beat you would break on.  None-the-less, and as most did not follow through on how the signature & beat was first developed, a period of confusion followed as a result. 
With the promotional flair which is why New York City's Madison Avenue has become the world leader, Salsa was linked to the one beat, and this made it easier for Anglos to learn Latin Dance.  This meant more money in the pockets of various Instructors who were relieved in try to get an Anglo to understand Latina Musica so they could hear the twos. .  What was not surprising either, and in further interviews, the Latinas from Puerto Rico felt they were able to finally scoop the Cuban Latinas ( who they had some cultural flash over for generations - an infra Latina cultural ownership conflicting claims and anxieties).
The Seven concentrated their efforts on the popularization of the word Salsa, and made a fortune, as a result.  And Latin pride was placed in their hip pockets where all the wallets were.
Roger M.  Christian
Former Member  of PODER State University College at Buufalo ( SUCB )
African American Student Association SUCB
Jewish Student Union State University of New York at Buffalo
Zionist Organization of America
Activist for the N.A.A.C.P.
Latina Danza Master  Ithaca, New York
Legal note:  All statements made are variable and documented ( New York Times ), and advise legally under the protection of First Admendment, and with reference the Statues and Code of  Law, New York State, and The State of Florida-with reguards of cultural issues here-within. Any issue of liabilities there within. and after with reguards to claims here within made will be taken.


What should have been the Mecca of all Latin dance enthusiast in the world:
El Escuela Nacional de Arte, Havana, Cuba
Here are the resources and contacts of every aspect of Latin Dance culture and those who posses the oral histories, and traditions which made Latina Danza part of the Cuban heritage of diversities.

Dances:  Mambo   -   Salsa   Merengue   -  Bachata    -   Cumbia   -   Bossa Nova   -  Cha Cha Cha  -   Son Montuno  Rumba   -  Bolero  -   Flamenco   -  Son de Cuba  - Samba 

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Latin Dance Classes Ithaca

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