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This is our opportunity to describe the different dance courses/tours/activities we are now offering. Here's an example of up coming programs:

Available Packages

4 dance lessons for $ 20.00
This is being offered at these specific dance classes sweep weeks ~ January 15 through February 15,  May 15th through June 15th, and August 15th through September 15th.

First, second, and the final dance extension ( those programs which are taken after the oientation phases, the dance introductory specials ) are for 6 classes in the initial dance path ( which there are four, Ballroom, Latin, Swing to Lindy Hop, and Hip Hop - Disco ) $ 45.00 for Single and $ 80.00 for Couples, with an additional 4 bonus classes in another path.  10 classes in all.
When clients goes through their three extensions options, which are in the same dance path, or another extension from another dance path, they would have had some knowledge of all four core school's programs.  After which, the client will enter into their hobby stage of full Degree programs ( Bronze, Silver, and Gold for example ).  They have already taken the initial steps towards their degrees.  Moreover, and once a 10 couple minimum is achieved for a party, then the clients will be trained on HOW to organize their own social dances ( reconmended on a once a month basis ).  Then, you, the client, will fully understand what is meant by Ithaca's Social Dance Economy Program.
Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy is totally client centered, and  is built upon the Client's Rights to Self-Determination.


Schedule see IthacaEvents.Com

Courses in:

2006 Registration now begins  ::  Goto Here ::

Additional dance resources ~~ Ithaca Dance Performance Network :: Goto Here  ::

* Roger M. Christian, November 30th, 2003 copyright 2006 .2007:

For more information call: (607) 279 - 9833

Dance Cities:
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