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All the following clubs - etc were recommended.
times-supprt-club-montreal-night-hot-spots-image-1001.jpg : hanson5000 productions 2008 is a registered sole proprietor business in Quebec, and was founded by Sean Saucier, a long time mutli-instrumental musician with years of experience playing in alternative bands, and solo acoustic gigs, Sean plays Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Electric Guitar, and recently adopted the Violin, also a Singer/Songwriter, with many failed attempts to break into the punk rock/alternative mainstream, Sean decided to go out his comfort zone and attempt applying his alternative background to the opposing mainstream music, hip hop, and thus was born a separate entity...hanson5000

Orchid Night Club
3556 Boul Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
Phone: (514) 848-6398

W Montreal 901 Victoria Square, Montreal, Quebec H2Z 1R1, Canada

997 St-Jacques St., Montreal,  Telephone: 514 392 9292

Tribe Hyperclub
390 St-Jacques West (old port), Montreal
Old Montreal 5149247878

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