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New York Cirty's NightClubs and Drinking Establishments Listings

New York City's Leading Events



Chicago, Illinois ....
THE LODGE, CHICAGO  Before the birth of the singles bar, the disco, or theme bars, The Lodge was catering to a wide mix of regulars and visitors coming to Chicago for both business and pleasure.21 W. Division Street, Chicago, IL  Email: Email The Lodge  Phone: (312) 642-4406
Gag Reflex Sketch Comedy Theatre which now operated in two locations - Chicago, Illinois, and Austin, Texas.
iO Theater, a real innovator, as well as creative licensing all passed and praised with flying colors.
Chicago Comedy Company Theatre, a real corporate image type, that really like to play and serve the incoming bussinesses in to the Chicago area.
Then there is Schadenfreude Theatre Company which is strick genre stuff with light hearted twists.
And every basic, as well as clever on the plot, if there is a plot too with Bailiwick Repetory Theatre.  Something to scratch your head about too ! 
Frank Sinatra once commented to news reporters about Jilly's Pinao Bar. " My favorite bristro. " Rachel visited it and said, " she is definately coming back. "
For first class touch of the keys there is the Red Head Piano Bar too !

Columbus, Ohio

Carlile Club  445 N High St   Columbus, OH 43215  Phone: 614-561-7435 
The Coliseum  6252 Busch Blvd  Columbus, OH 43229  Phone: 614-880-1250 
It's Brothers Bar and Grill  477 Park Street  Columbus, OH 43215  Phone: 614-221-0673  A real social College - University watering hole with all the trimmings, and safety.  Student leaders get their social licenses ( " if you get my drip " )  from here too! 
Fabric  40 E Long St  Columbus, OH 43215  Phone: 614-621-0416 Up beat upper - class place for socials and business arrangements, and to take a real beautiful date to after a night on the theatre along with an excellent dinner at a cozy restaurant. Lovers it is very good!   A real righteous place.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

New York City.
Don't Tell Mama Cabaret and Piano Bar in New York City.  One of leading Cabarets in NYC.
The classy and up scale ~ The Duplex Cabaret and Piano Bar - NYC.
All great entertainment, and fun for the enrtire family too !
SITE: CROBAR often labled one of the Top ten bars / clubs in the world.
1543 N. Kingsbury, Chicago, IL 60622
PHONE: 312/266-1900

Cultiral Blogs:  Riverhead Dance and Festivals Chill Lounge NYC 

Rochester, New York. Rochester @ Night

Night Clubs - Nightclubs / Piano Bars.
A kiss is still a kiss.
Banana Cafe & Piano Bar, Entertainment, Food, and much more !
Official WebSite ~ Fur Nightclub.
Official WebSite ~ Carenton Ballroom.
Official WebSite ~ DC 9 Nightclub.
Official WebSite ~ Love, the Club.
Official WebSite ~ Club Five.
The Play Lounge ...
1219 Connecticut Ave
Washington, DC 20036
Official WebSite ~ Nightclub Euro Party.
Official WebSite ~ Habana Village Bar and Restaurant.
Official WebSite ~ The Platinum.
Official WebSite ~ Nexus Gold Club.
Official WebSite ~ Red Skies Party.
Official WebSite ~  H20.
Official WebSite  ~ MCCXXIII.
Official WebSite ~ Zanzibar on the Waterfront.

Mad Nights


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Public Garden lagoon



The best is what you will find here...

I had one of my friends in Chicago Stacy B. go an check this group out.  Her report was excellents as you get " reat entertianment values and real clas at the sametimes "


E & C / NYC

Cultural Zionism

Girls Night Out on Chicago Citysearch
From a swanky restaurant to a hip bar or dance club, try these hot spots for a fabulous girls night out in Chicago

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    Chicago Theatres, Orchestras and Opera:



    Marcus Theatres

    Movies ! Movies ! Movies !

    One of the best classical National theatres is The American Theatre Company - which can stand up to anything which New York City can produce on equal ground and with less money too !
    For Les Avant Garde is the Neofuturists Theatre and here there is some bending of the rules too ! Their competitor of Les Avant Garde market  is The Eclipse Theatre Company - Chicago.  For real grit and solide performances with a hint of International allure, then you have to go to the Steppenwolf Theatre Company - they have one rule " Entertain " and a somethat germatic presence too ! According the Rachel, " the audience literally surrendered in enjoyment." 

    Michelangelos David

    Symphony Orhestras:
    The International Famous Chicago Symphony Orchestra .
    The best training in the world for future musicians is the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra .
    Leading the way is The Chicago Opera Theatre.  Then there is The Lyric Opera of ChicagoThe de Cometo .

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    International Students / Scholars Intercultural Resources Network - Chicago .

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    Radio City Music Hall
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