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Award Winning Actress Yareli Arizmendi Brings Immigrant Mothers Plight To The Big Screen In America

Edward James Olmos New Movie AMERICA brings Immigration, Domestic Violence Issues to the Big Screen.

Latin cinema returns to the big screen in the highly anticipated movie AMERICA also staring Edward James Olmos, Limary Nadal and Yancey Arias. The majestic city of San Juan Puerto Rico and New York are the backdrop to the spectacular story of AMERICA premiering in Puerto Rico on March 10th. The movie is being released in conjunction with a United Fund campaign called “Women who Dare to Dream.” Ten women who have conquered extraordinary obstacles will be selected. They will be part of the movie premiere and media events to help inspire other women to leave domestic violence behind.   :

Ethereally beautiful Arizmendi plays the role of Maria, an immigrant mother of a son she hasn’t seen in eight years having uprooted herself to work in another country to give him a better life. Maria is a good friend to the group of women workers and befriends America upon her arrival. She is a mother figure, a tender and wise survivor.

From the legendary Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood where she was being interviewed Yareli said about her role: “It was a pleasure to embody the kind of woman we see every day, and yet know nothing about. The opportunity to join the AMERICA ensemble came at a very difficult time for me. It was a gift, a breath of fresh air and Caribbean warmth.”

Award winning Yareli Arizmendi is best known for her tour de force performances in motion pictures such as “Like Water For Chocolate” and “A Day Without a Mexican” which she co-wrote with Director Sergio Arau.

More entertainment news to follow.
Joe Mirabella debuts in Los Angeles

Joe Mirabella is 22 year-old aspiring actor/comedian who recently moved to Los Angeles from New York and his debut show is March 16, 2011 at The HaHa Comedy Club in North Hollywood, California at 9pm. Tickets are $ 10.00 at the door and this is a show you do not want to miss. The HaHa Cafe features the best rising standup talent in Los Angeles, Joe is sure to bring something new and fresh to Los Angeles! A self-defined “Born Entertainer.” Joe has been a natural laugh inducer to his family and others for his entire life. After performing stand-up comedy for the first time in 2009 during a competition at The University of Albany in New York and winning 1st place, he was told by professionals that he was a “Natural”.

Don’t let the heavy comedic background fool you, because he is indeed a talented actor on every level. Living through a consistent series of common and unusual, yet traumatizing life experiences beginning in middle school, has left him the ability to delve deep into the essence of his emotions. He has felt the extreme of every condition and in doing so has developed the ability to relive and mimic those intense emotional encounters. He is also a self-taught piano player by ear.

A Multi-Talented Actor/Comedian, Joe is a very strong willed, passionate, and very driven individual prepared to go to any length to bring the world a fresh face in the entertainment business!.

Joe Mirabella just signed with Studio City Casting & Public Relations and soon he will be signing with International Talent Management.

Studio City Casting and Public Relations is a Los Angeles based public relations company focused on the Entertainment and Sports industry. Headquartered in the North Hollywood, CA, they also have offices in Atlanta and San Francisco and work with various partner agencies around the world. Studio City Casting and Public Relations is recognized as a leading specialist agency, with PR and casting naming them one of Hollywood’s fastest growing PR companies.

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Costumes Website

Dallas. Texas Area:

Sambuca   2120 McKinney, Dallas - (214) 744-0820

Door  3202 Elm St, Dallas - (214) 742-3667

J R's Bar & Grill Inc  3923 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas - (214) 528-1004

Chaparral Club   400 North Olive Street  Dallas, TX 75201-4005
+1 214 922 8000

Curtain Club  2800 Main Street  Dallas, TX 75226-1501  +1 214 939 0077

Galaxy Club  2820 Main Street  Dallas, TX 75226-1501  +1 214 742 5299

Palm Beach Club  2807 Commerce Street  Dallas, TX 75226-1608  +1 214 742 4743

Club Dada  2720 Elm Street  Dallas, TX 75226-1424  +1 214 744 3232

Mesquite, Texas Clubs:

  1. Bennigan's (972) 289-3423 1320 N Peachtree Rd, Mesquite, TX
  2. Steak and Ale Restaurant   (972) 686-1888  3726 Towne Crossing Blvd, Mesquite, TX
  3. Horny Toads Cantina (972) 681-9002  3820 Towne Crossing Blvd, Mesquite, TX
  4. Post Time  (214) 328-7760  3650 N Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX
  5. Discoteca Y Elec Chihuahua  (214) 391-9756  1506 S Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX

Plano Clubs:

  1. Steak and Ale (972) 422-7903 1900 N Central Expy, Plano, TX
  2. (972) 424-4519
    1910 N Central Expy, Plano, TX (8)
  3. (972) 578-1557
    901 N Central Expy, Plano, TX(43)
  4. (972) 881-2804
    2301 N Central Expy, Plano, TX
  5. (972) 312-1201
    221 W Parker Rd Ste 400, Plano, TX

The Sunset Strip

Los Angeles Area:


Address: 8852 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone: 310-358-1881
Fax: 310-652-8471
On any given day of the year at the Viper Room, you’ll find musical talents who have meaning and that are developing and leading the music scene of Los Angeles and the nation.

Sky Bar   Hotter than fire
8440 Sunset Boulevard
(Inside the Mondrian Hotel)
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: +1 323 650 8999    Fax: +1 323 650 5215



Sample Review from
Whilst acknowledging that the band didn’t play very well on their first night at the House Of Blues, Trey Gunn declared it to be “a hot show. Very hot. Hot with energy that is…I have to scratch it up to the audience again. You little angels, you. What would we do without you?” The crowd can certainly be heard making their presence felt during a variable set of highs and lows.

The improvs provide a glimpse of the electronica-based KC that manifested itself through the projeKcts. Driven largely by Mastelotto’s ingenious use of samples and on-the-fly editing, we can hear Belew’s sarangi-style solo that would later be such a feature of TPTB II, as well as a scalding splash of twisted lines in the rhythmic second section. Clearly on something of a roll, he continues to shine on Oyster Soup with a superb break. Also more than worthy of your attention is the dreamy version of Cage, benefiting from some unexpected Fripp string-washes on the chorus, and significantly adding to the spine-tingle factor.

Elsewhere, FraKctured rips along like a bucking bronco with Fripp seemingly hanging on by the skin of his teeth. An incomplete LTIA ptIV (the opening moments are sadly cropped) also comes unstuck in places, and though they just about grab it back, Belew’s vocals sound a touch stretched by the coda.

And what was Fripp’s take on the gig? "I felt it was awful, but why? Did the set list restrict the show's process? A continual series of small mistakes cumulatively unseated its unfolding. We recovered the flow to a degree during the encores - perhaps 90% says Pat. David felt London was a better show, but suggests the bar is getting higher for what is accepted as a norm for this Crim."

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