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Bar Rumba

Michael Adams
One of London's leading late night music venues is Bar Rumba. It is currently one of London's most popular clubs and has an amazing atmosphere

Paris, France  [ .fr ]:

Hemingway Bar

15 Place Vendôme, Paris, France
Paris, FR



Crazy Horse Saloon

12 avenue George V, Paris 75008, France
Paris, FR




Willi's Wine Bar

13 Rue des Petits-Champs
Paris, FR 75001




Buddha Bar

8 Rue Boissy d'Anglas, Paris, France
Paris, FR




Le Cabaret

Paris, France
Paris, FR




Au Lapin Agile

22 Rue des Saules, Paris, France
Paris, FR



Le Caveau de la Huchette

5 rue de la Huchette, Paris, France
Paris, FR 75005




Le Queen

102,Ave des Chanps-Elysees, Paris, France
Paris, FR 75008




Havanita Cafe

11 Rue de Lappe, Paris, France
Paris, FR 75011



Slow Club

130 rue de Rivoli, Paris, France
Paris, FR




Le Pulp

25, Bv.Poissonniere, Paris, France
Paris, FR  Gay Bar





15 Rue Princesse, Paris, France
Paris, FR



La Fabrique

53 Rue du Faubourg St. Antoine | 11th, Paris, France
Paris, FR




La Java

105 Rue Faubourg-du-Temple, Paris, France
Paris, FR




Le Balajo

9 Rue de Lappe, Paris, France
Paris, FR



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Prague Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ~ Night Life Entertainment and Enjoyment:[ Web Page ]
  Solid Uncertainty  Tel: 00420 224 933 086 Its a pretty cool club, with a large bar area, plenty of seating, and a fair size dancefloor. Prices are fairly reasonable and I didn't notice any foreigners here.   Aloha Wave Lounge  is a stylish café, restaurant and cocktail lounge with an element of Hawaiian Tiki style. Aloha Wave Lounge is available for private and corporate events/parties. Informations on or Tel.420 724 055 704  Baracnicka rychta  Located at Trzoste 23. the restaurant / club has very traditional Czech cuisine.  According to Press Releases:  The owner says," Dance or listen to swing, jazz, ethno music.  Have a seat and taste one of six kinds of excellent Czech beer."  Tel. 420 257 532 461    Bugsy’s ~ ~ Located at Parizska 10 ~ ~ According to their web site they state: " We are able to ensure a complete bar catering service and to provide you with the best and the most professional bartenders, who prepare cocktails of a high quality that you are used in our bar. We are also able to ensure educational programs, seminars, and degustation from any part of the gastronomical field " According to research they are known world wide. Tel. 420 224 810 287  Double Trouble  ~~ Located at Melantrichova 17 ~~  Accocrding to expats dot CZ " No one is going to be shocked by people dancing on tables or seats, or even on the bar. Actually, this is the norm here. DJs playing house, trance and eurodisco until Saturday. Additional search reveals: The bar is full of interesting mixed drinks and has a good atmosphere while you are meeting friendly pople.  They know they are a tourist attraction, but, then again, watch out too! Tel. 420 221 632 414.

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