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Anatolian Folk Dance Group

 Anatolian Folk Dance Group was founded by Mr. Arif SONMEZ in 1992. Till today group had performed Anatolian Folk Dances and Musics with original dances, costumes and musics in Turkey and lots of foreign countries. Our aim is meet cultures together without look their religions, languages and lineages. The most importand think is peace and friendship between folks in all over the world.

            Anatolian Folk Dance Group is IOV International Festivals Comm. Member of Turkey. We are inviting folk dance and musics group from all over the world where we orginizing folk dance festivals in Turkey. And also we are sending folk dance groups from Turkey who needs Turkish folk dance and music groups. We have about 20 children and adoult groups in Turkey. Generally our performances are with live music but if festivals prefer cd we have also cd. But we prefer live music. Our groups has about 35-40 participants.

We can have performances how long you prefer. 

We don’t have generally visa problem because of we have participated more than 50 foreign festivals in past.

In 2007 we will invite 45 folk dance group from Asia, Amerika, Africa where we will organize festivals in Turkey.

Who wants to partcipate in this festivals in Turkey must inform us till 05 Aprıl. 2007.

If you want to invite one of the our groups in your 2007 festivals, I can send you information of my group ( Anatolian Folk Dance Group ).

I inform you the international organizations we joined in the last 3 years.


Casa da Gaia PORTUGAL; Llangollen ENGLAND; Porto     PORTUGAL; Namur  BELGIUM; Santonigros  SPAIN;                Bolsward  HOLLAND; Les Preses  SPAIN ; Karditsa GREECE ; Dounanez   FRANCE ; Halkidiki GREECE; Saintes FRANCE ;        Chalkis GREECE; Gyöng HUNGARY; Rahovche BULGARIA Hagen GERMANY; Castelforte  ITALY; 


To participate your festival and show Anatolian Folklore will make us happy.


             Our all aim is peace in all over the WORLD.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to mail us, we will be happy to answer.





            Arif SONMEZ

IOV-Intern. Festivals Comm. Member of Turkey

Director of Anatolian Folk Dance Group



Address  : 1829  sokak  No.22  D.9  35601-Karşıyaka,  İzmir  / TURKEY







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