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Buy one bunch of daisies - get the second bunch at half price. For best results, give them plenty of sun, frequent watering, and regular fertilization.


History Lesson:
I am a fan of her's. 
Rita Hayworth
One very important historic note.  Rita Hayworth was the best Latin Dancer during the 20 Century films historyFred Astaire once commented to Famed Hollywood Columnist Rona Barret, " That at  the studio breakfast he once described a very difficult choreography he developed for the next shoot to Rita what their dance routine was going to be, and when they got to the studio, and the music came on Rita did it exactly.  He totally was caught off guard for a moment.  The rehersal was extremely short, and that very day they did the final shoot.  This was extremely rare anywhere in Hollywood,  and it never happen with any other partner he worked with-even with his sister Adel. There was no retakes what so ever."  
Rita was one of those Hollywood film stars in which the studios took full advantage of-her sexual appeal.  Especially by their very presents representing sexuality and wild in the flesh. Her real talent was ignored for the sensationalism she presented on the screne, and her intellegence likewise ignored too !  Never the less, she was the best.





On this site I'll include everything I know about swing dance cities, including a recordings list, news and gossip, photos, teacher reviews, and more.

On this Website, you can include some information about the your teachers, organizations, and favorite swing band's background or discuss how you originally became a part of th swing dance scene fan and what I like best about the  swing world..

Thanks for taking a look at my site. Be sure to get in touch with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll be updating frequently, so please check back often. 
Tri Falcon and Dove Producations - RMC


Social Dance Classes :

Support your local PBS Station.

Welcome to Dance 4 America OnLine Publication. Wanted are press releases on your dance events, performances, and personal profiles with photos of your principal dancers and choreographers .. see this site for details.


The Registry:

For such a long , long time, people who travel needed information of where they can go and social dance to various destination cities they visit.  With your cooperation, the event producers of social dances this can finally happen.  Just fill out the on line forms of where you top can register your social dance social dance ( see also the requirements ).

Social Dance Blogs, Bloggers and Journals :


The Health of a Society is you having Fun !

Ithaca, New York is a great city of opportunities.  Moreover, it is a community in which you can personally grow and get in touch.

This web site is among others are designed by me, Mr. Roger M. Christian to bring to Ithaca and the surrounding communbities,IE. Dryden, needed visions. The city of Ithaca is at a point of making a historic  change, and if that chnage is to be for the better, then other things will also have to happen first.  Right now, there are several defensive , and resistance socio-cultural blocks.  Nonetheless, and once you examine this site in sompletion, then you will begin to comprehen the necessay vision for Ithaca to gwo and prosper.

Dance Community Get - Togethers ;
Dance Community Get Togethers:  People coming together who enjoy dancing of all social descriptions and arts forms to plan both social and dance agendas.  The contents of each WebPage is set up state by state; those states in which Tri Falcon and Dove Productions have links, and WebSites which have established zoned market influences.  It is these links which makes possible for people, who don not know each other, to find a place to meet, and then get together.  The place will be always public, and until you know the person well, no other information is to be given out previous to the initital meet.  Mr. Roger M. Christian - Founder

Roll Model for Amatuer Dance Clubs...
This group [ below photo ] has been throughly checked out, and are recommended sociocultural national leaders.

Yahoo - GroupSite

Sample Process of Empowerment ;
Create your own Dance Community Get - Togethers  group, amatuer dance troupe, and/or social dances. First Register by joining the MSN Dance Community Get - Togethers @ Dance Community .  Then you will get the group's email as this becomes the group's list serve.


Ultimate goal is to form your own social dances. Then to register them @ Los Angeles / California Social Dance Calendar .

Los Angeles Board [ Board ] Proposed Venue [ Forum Board ]

Social Blogs, Bloggers, and Journals:






It was a time of elegance and grace.  America's Age of Iinnocense. Everyone danced to the Ballroom Dance of the Waltz, then later came the Foxtrot, and then The Tango.  Everyone also enjoyed the great company they met on the dance floor.  Ballroom Dance is still just as graceful and those who are dancing on hard wooden floors litterally glides with the smoothness of silk in romantic motions and graceful movements.  The gowns were lovely as their hems wisp'ed silent hushes upon the Ballroom Dance floor, and the smart white tie formals and tails of the bows ( males ) added a sense of dignity and charm in full " social promenades ".  
Ballroom Dance Classes Ithaca design and course development is to bring the charm and grace to the Ballroom Dance floor here in Ithaca, New York.  Each Ballroom Dance Class is in fused with this as central to it's  motivation - to contribute to the Ithaca scene this formality of grace and culture.  The ends of which is to bring social ownership, another - words empowering the public, back to Ballroom Dance Socials.  Only then, can it be expected for the youth of Ithaca to join in, and this includes the children too!  Otherwise see Dance Ithaca E - Magazine. This can be witnessed at a dance competition See; Dance Competitions Ithaca [ WebSite ]. Dance Ithaca [ WebSite ]


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