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Anxiety must be confronted totally and withoput any questions to resolve peoples' fears and sufferings first.

When you know the process you will know the central issue of my personal character, and the values systems it represents.

Dr. Yossi Ben Dak

First, and foremost,  if any one knows the where abouts of Dr. Yossi Ben Dak,  please email me now.  
During the year 1975:
At Camp Ramah, which is a Zionist Youth ( Betar ) Camp, I met with Dr. Yossi Ben Dak, and was very  interested in his approach to solving the problems which created the Middle East Conflicts.  So, there, with his full awarenss, I litterally  debrief  him on  what are his attitudes, and what inspired his actions in Co-Developing  the then, existing Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation.
Since then The Foundation defunct in the wake of the Begin - Sadat Peace Accords, negotiated by President Jimmy Carter.  Also, people lost contact with Dr. Ben Dak likewise, and his Arab Co - Founder.
None the less, it was his process which I  began to used, along. with the addition techniques of interviews ( trained by Arthur Murray Dance Studios Incorporated ),  to get significant information from 840 Arab/ Palestinians, and 760 Israelis, mostly attending various Universities and Colleges ( within Western New York, and Ontario Canada  1976 to 2002), from which I discovered the genius of his, Dr. Ben Daks's, single vision.  This was not easy, and it took three decades to accomblish this.
Dr. Yossi Ben Dak was absolutely right, and it is hoped that his efforts will be fully recognized, as I make this work.


The Motivation, The Value Systems, and  Philosophy

Process Thinking:
It is the useage of five distinct creative collaboration discovery processes which created the main motivation of this approach:
Listed in sequence of their time lines.
1.  Arthur Murray Dance Studio's Incorporated,  Interviewing Techniques...What is the X  Factor.
2.   M.I.T's study on Process Thinking which is central to what established - created The Critical Path Method.
3.  Dr. Yossi Ben Dak's Single Discovery Process ( Thinking to Actions ), The Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation.
4.  Dr. Gerald Goldhaber's  ( Communication Process Thinking ) , InterCultural Communications, Developed at the Communications Department, State Unversity of New York at Buffalo.
5.   Creatrive Problem Solving at the School of Creative Studies, State University College at Buffalo.

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