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Welcome to this web site which seeks a real future for Diverse Civilizations and their Independence in the Middle East.
This is the central advertising, or promotion web site for other  web sites dedicated to the advocation, The Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation.   It  is the necessity to develop an interactive network through the internet, to develop a cross cultural information site, mostly in English, then in both Hebrew and Arabic, which creates the terms of conduct and promotion of this focus.   What this means, is that the private sector must re-involve itself, take direct responsibility, initiatives,  and actions.
August 6, 2005 - a new adjustment.  This WebSite will become a linking site for BogSites and JournalSites.
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Operating  this is not easy, but building an effective network of human discovery  can make a huge difference in increasing responsiveness and the ability for people in the Middle East to go beyond the present polotical rethoric and seek the humanity in the other.
It is the promotion of  who wants real  change, who have, at the same time computer screens, and access to the internet, hopefully with protective firewalls for personal security, which this system depends for most of its conformation resources.  This, in itself. opens other doors to future possibilties, and it allows those who have kept silent to express their belief in themselves, their culture, their spiritual beliefs, and the their growing value systems, as a result.  It is these value systems which are the greater human resoruces, and it is to a very specific ends that these values systems assume their primary importance.
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