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This is the Self - Educational  Interactive Web Site from which, without boarders or  flaggs, critical information can be freely obtained about the commonalities, the present perception towards future human developmental issues, and the  ethnocentric issue of child rearing have a focus.   The focus is take the necessary actions which will in the end create stable and self - dependent civilizations ( note the plural )  within the Middle East.  Under the present conditions in which the private sector has completely withdrawn from,  this, becoming self-dependent civilizations, are riddled with nothing but anxieties.  It is these anxieties, none the less, which must be confronted by the single - imperative discovered by investigating the other's system of values.  Moreover, preparation for the historic challanges looming over the horizons of the near future,  are issues like, ie. what will happen when all the oil exports stop. Thus the importance of the need to focus on co - developmental issues..

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