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You want to help.
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This page will describe how you can help and give contribution for this private effort I am initiating..  None the less, it is your reporting on non - political information where the contributions are most needed.

Yahoo's FAIR:
This revolves around the discovery process, and the Tri Sister Cities Progam Proposal.  and the interactive process is the cross channels of communications developed by use of the internet solicitation of information, as well as polling, as its first stage.  This is to make First Contact, and develop and organize socio-cultural information only.
for further meetings, and communications.

Ony those with yearly incomes above $ 28,000 who if so chose, contribute financially:
No more than $ 25.00:
Frequency no more than once in three months:
This process must not be money entangled:
Send to address below
Checks made out to Roger M. Christain
No More than:

If Money is sent.
Two things must be understood:
I primarily want information, and individuals who have the private inititive, not political or public initiatives, to become human resources-  both in hard copy reports and oral resources.
It must be understood, the money will  be used to support my actions, and managing the free flow of information and factual resources.  And this action I am restrictive of those who contribute based on past experience - the reasons behind the income level I will accept from.


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This is the visiable report page of the Foundation.

Report by email with your photo attachments only:

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