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Just to assure you.
The focus of Mesorah is Childrearing from the standpoint and objective " that in a more complex and high;y scientific world of fascinating discoveries the ability of Jewish parents'  efforts of rearing children iand creating their childrens' connection to the centrality of the Jewish way of life should be as magnificent and successful."
Thus is the incorporation of more advance understanding of eduational practicies and up and coming advocate therories in the developmental aspects of childrearing, the continuation of a creative connection to the Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith makes the cannection to Jewish centrality all the more easy.  This is as true for those families who are pious " may or " _ _ _ " bless them for this "as well as for those who have a strictly egnostical focus. The connection only is the prime importance of this approach. 
Courage, both the word, the Jewish circumstance in relationship to this word and the emotional consequence of such accepted actions have a direct bearing on how each set of parents have sought the best for the child's well being in the histoirc connection to Jewish centralities.  Jewish centralities, both the expression, and the further innate meaning of its defined word connection to diversities, should be ever present in the mind of all in reading and focusing on this site - while at the same time guarding the very words of Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith.
Thus, in these times and the unknown approaching era, for no one can never know, even if your are  Jewish atheists parents, the importance of these principles as a direct bearing to the existance to Jewish centrality should be comprehended as the focal point of Jewish single idenity.
What the creative approach in childrearing is lays in the social and cultural aspect of the operations and practice levels only, while maintaining the child's knowledge that there is indeed the Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith, and its the connection.
An important note: After reading this, should at any time you wish to join a congregation, or have any further needs you should contact an Aliyah representive, or a Rabbi immediately.  This implies an additional option only, and if your own personal developmental needs addional answers you muct immediately-without delay - contact Jewish authorities, though in doing so you should have more than a personal assesment of who you wish to be first and foremost.



1. I believe with perfect faith that G-d is the Creator and Ruler of all things. He alone has made, does make, and will make all things.

2. I believe with perfect faith that G-d is One. There is no unity that is in any way like His. He alone is our G-d He was, He is, and He will be.

3. I believe with perfect faith that G-d does not have a body. physical concepts do not apply to Him. There is nothing whatsoever that resembles Him at all.

4. I believe with perfect faith that G-d is first and last.

5. I believe with perfect faith that it is only proper to pray to G-d. One may not pray to anyone or anything else.

6. I believe with perfect faith that all the words of the prophets are true.

7. I believe with perfect faith that the prophecy of Moses is absolutely true. He was the chief of all prophets, both before and after Him.

8. I believe with perfect faith that the entire Torah that we now have is that which was given to Moses.

9. I believe with perfect faith that this Torah will not be changed, and that there will never be another given by G-d.

10. I believe with perfect faith that G-d knows all of man's deeds and thoughts. It is thus written (Psalm 33:15), "He has molded every heart together, He understands what each one does."

11. I believe with perfect faith tha G-d rewards those who keep His commandments, and punishes those who transgress Him.

12. I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah. How long it takes, I will await His coming every day.

13. I believe with perfect faith that the dead will be brought back to life when G-d wills it to happen.


It is these principles which are the platform of this website, and from which they are applied to ongoing living circumstances of trying to make life happier.  Thus, and with retrospection of recent histories, childrearing prevailed as the number one sociocultural issue, as well as progeny: