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Personal Connections.
Jewish Social and Culural Education on
the Community of the Jewish Family and Child Rearing
Cultural Zionism Developmental Stage # 4
The Community of the Jewish Family: The single importance of the Jewish family way of life, and how families are reflective in maintaining their own networkings and their further connections to the Jewish heritage of their family's traditions.
Child Rearing: The centrality of everything which is relative to both the nurturing aspect of the Jewish family and civilization.
Diversities:  The greater and ever expanding Jewish world in which personal internal value systems have found their significant meanings in both beauty and life.

These issues are developed in such a way as to assist the individual in making the next step in their own personal Jewish development first and foremost.  Thus the issues are free from any formal affiliations at this ciritcal time-so that the person has the optimum range of experiences and knowldge possible as  to make their own choices.  Later, once that process is completed, then affiliations will be suggested, and only suggested. 

To be Creative and Free .


Children are the living symbols of each and every civilization, culture and society.. More importantly, a child is life's potentials are by a child's living and developing self. Everything is so precious in the child's first precieved perceptions and experiences that the care is taken and in which a culture has manifested a child's consciousness. As a result a culture has the clear necessity to produce an evironment to " secure " the full nurturing innate values of these vital and extremely important first developed perceptions and experiences; this is the beauty of life unfolding.
Here is where the guide posts of traditons are available to give answers, but only to the actual circumstance which causes the questions, and nothing else.  Moreover, and in a clear attitude the Community of the Jewish Family's health and well being becomes paramount before any authority or interests.


The single importance of yourself as an adult must come to fore in order to comprehend the full exciting experiences awaiting you to help to create a more positive future for the beauty and life.
The single most immediate imperative which is inbuned within the centrality of cultural zionism is the goal of an enriched, healthy, and growing Jewish population.  Zionism in and of itself, in the mainstream of it's usage and the expectations which are expected as a result, all revolves around positive goal settings.  The single and, at times most confounding understanding, is the connection between beauty and life - which reflects the creative nature out of the human innate; for it is only realized once individuals finds out they have contributed ( males ) and have created ( females ) life. 



What's New?

The most advance knowledge obtained form the most reliable of sources.  Most of which comes within the State of Israel itslelf.
1/1/2006 - Important Websites to investiage further.......

Card Games
Emily's innovations.

Emily Sper: Her games and innovations are nothing but excellent as they add to the available inventory of Jewish related cultural tools to reinforce and positively impact the growing Jewish personalities of children between 8 months to about 11 to 13 years old.



ShirLaLa : Shir La La is another innovator who has been able to transmit vital information on to the children who witnesses and enjoys her performances.  Her range and abilities indicates the additional impact of the cultural tool of singing has both as an entertainment value, as well as an educational stimulant.  These elements have already been traditional acknowledged, but sets this apart is the positive role development it impacts; the positive expectations and aspirations it can generate within the early development of the Jewish personality of the children themselves..

Picture Stories:


The information provided came about by a greater work on The National Jewish Liberation of " The Torah ", and reflects over thousands of of interviews collected.


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The Lesson of this WebPage:
Creative Connections: It is at this time you start the process of creative associations between the contents of this WebPage, and the First Principle of Jewish Faith.
What was learned:One of the fundemental acknowledgements found in the interviews I did, is that the outgrowth of this creative association " alone "  forced the individual to comprehend more fully the reverance of personal quality it self-generated, while at the sametime holding to life as being more precious, especially new life.
What happened is that life and the quality of the word " image " forced the perception that only in life can one be known of G - D.  That life is the personification of beauty, and it's history more impacted by birth of new life much more than by events themselves.
That righteousness is innate in all humans.  And only ignorance can breed evil.
There is a connection between the First Primciple of Jewish Faith and the birth of a child.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.