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Roger's Online Diary
Monthly Log Since 1/1, 2004

This to inform you that I am attempting to bring back The Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation, and have attached,  just to make it legal, Ithaca, New York.
So what I have designed is thus...
The Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York.
Moreover, I have designed a web site to launch it...
The on going designing of the Interactive Web Site for FAIR is both very time consuming.
The cover page for:
The Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation is...
Tripod.coms page for:
The Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation is...
Israeli Tikvah's for:
The Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation is...
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The Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation is..

Sinbce I first did this web site page, I have also done another site to give an indication of my political belief systems of values......

The Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation:

There exist within the Middle East a passionate drama, along with terrorist dangers, and economic up heavels,  of one people finally maturing with self-responsiability, the Israelis, and another, the Arabs, trying to undo the ruthless entanglements of cultural and technological dependencies upon European civilizations.  In truth, the Israelis are emerging as something entirely different than what the founding fathers of the Modern State of Israel had envisioned.  The Arab truth, those who preach the doctrines of jahadd is now view as being hate centric, and those who assume this persona, other Arabs have notice phychotic behaviorism in its early developmental phases. What is not known by those out side of the Middle East, there is rapid growth of agnostical Arabs, and thus this explains the deep anxieties of the Islamic fundementalist, as well as the focus of their energies.
Two civilizations are emerging, and the one can not, as of yet, can not make out what the other is.  Moreover, right in the middle of this is the emergence of a Palestinian people, who are not now a part of mainstream Arabs, largely due to the conflicting results of being associated with and dealing with the Israelis, and who are trying to establish a nationhood ( they think they are trying to build a secular state ).  Thus a cross civilization is also emerging.
What has interested me most dramatically is that the Arab World Co-Created The State of  Israel. Moreover, that continuation of the war against the Jewish State of Israel, these are Arab words folks, is the primary cause of  Arab disunity.
There is an unknown peace dividen, if peace ever happens, which will  mostly affect the Arabs, and that most out side of the Middle East do not want this to happen.  IE. Thus the Iraqi peoples must not assume their Pre - 1990 social - economic circumstance of growing wealth and commerce.  Though Saddam, and his thugs had to go.  And it is this commonality, the assurance of increase commerce and wealth which demands a real separation from the violence and terror.  This, also triggers the immediate Arab conscious effort to self - police, and execute those who seeks terror of another peoples. The Israeli to define the role function of  The Torah more fully, and implement it's real interpolation in foreign realtionships. Yet,it is the role of commerce and increase " Free Trades "  which will  define what is peace. 

My Second Topic Deals with a new Hang Glidding Wing Design.

Third'ly I am developing Israeli Information Center Ithaca:
AOL Sites:
Tripod.Com's Site:
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MSN.Com's Site.
This is based upon my previous experience, but will, as it is sincerely hoped, to bring about a coalition building between Armenians,  Druze,  Kurds, Copts,  Maronities, those within the Palestinian, or Arabic demographical sphere which has the telling Tay-Sacks genetic marker ( which means their ancestry is Jewish specific in it's origins  which was kept quite by the Red Crescent ).  This bring to fore an additional population base for regional liberation to 37 million plus ( other unknown demographic figures ) peoples.
What has been missing in the on-going political developmental dynamics of the Middle East is that Zionism, though percieved by Herzel, is an authentic regional liberation movement reflecting hope to all oppressed Middle East Peoples.  Zionism in this circumstance just happened to be a Jewish Word.  Another word, and just as important, could have been Arratist or other isms of the Kurdish Peoples. What the Arabs have failed to come to terms is that is was they who Co-Created the state in the first place, in as much as they could not allowed their Jewish citizens of Pre - 1950s, nor would not in most cases, equal protection under their Arabic centered systems of Arab laws and Islamic traditions, but instead impossed a harsher dhimmitude.  Thus the Arabic governance of Jewish Arabs/Sephardim was sufferance, and with the internal results, Jewish citizens of many Arab states suffered increasingly during the war of liberation in Israel.  Until the Arab regime paid guilt ridden obeyance to the Zionist voice to " Let My People Go." What the Arabs did is to finally admit with International and world observance looking on, and as the propaganda which existed at the time fully indicated, they were going to finish the final solution of the Jewish Peoples started by Nazi Germany.  Look at the Arab press during these dates, and get someone who understands Arabic.  It is all there. However, they found Jews with guns and guts to put a stop to the historic persecution of the Jewish Peoples ( remember the words in this sentence, everyone ).
Upon closer examination of the June, 1967 War, what was striking is that the make - up of all military formations and civil administrative arm of Israel's defenses. The Israelis could not have achieve the brilliant military victory with - out those very same Sephardic Jews who previously suffered under the Arab yoke of the dhimmitude.  The perception that these Israeli soldiers had of their fate was that they stood up against another attempt of genocide against the Jewish Peoples. The Arabic regimes litteraly threw away their most important chance of becoming truely independent Arabic States. They accomblished  this blunder through pure hatred of the rights and lives of the Jewish Peoples, who have lived among their populations for thousand years plus, especially their rights to self- determination by not extending historically, equal protection under their Arabic - centered systems of laws and traditions.
Unknown to almost all, including the upper ranks of the Arab armies, is that common Arab soldier understood what was at issue, and could not find the emotional or ethical where for all to repel the on - coming Israeli resulting pre-emptive assault. The June 1967 War.  According to interviews, with their sons, and a few daughters attending higher education arenas in Western, New York and Ontario, Canada,  this was complicated even further by their, those who were in the lower ranks, personal knowledge of how their own officers thought of them like dirt, and as a reult, behind the striking Arab parades of military formations, and salutes, they did not trust their own officer core.  Least of all with their own lives, and at the same time did not share the passion of killing Jews, as did the General Officer Core of every Arab army sent to destroy the State of Israel-during the Arab military mobilizations of February to June of 1967.  The common Arab soldier was more moral centered than their own leadership, and really did not want to massacure Jews.
 The cornerstone of the coalition which is being proposed is that similar conditions exist for other non-Arabic Peoples. The dhimmitude is the common link.  Islam has very little to do with this, as it must be, also critically mentioned.  The cause is as follows.
What must understood at the sametime, is that certian Arabic ethnic factions have even deeper differences between themselves, various tribal groupings, and that focusing upon the distruction of the State of Israel was the only way which in many instances  infra - ethnic potential rivalries could have been politically avoided.  The Arabic custom the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and ally.  Never the less, those rivalries, and the alliance over Israeli distruction, still exist today, as they did during the 1870s up to now, 2004.  They started over the control over the pearl trade off the coast of Yemen, rino horns for daggars, precious salt, and trading routes of commerce , water rights, marriage customs which went a-skewed, a killing of a family member of shak, and most of all the money involved in the pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina, which the Sauds finally got control over after a bloody contest.  There is really no such thing as a united Arab peoples, but facade which emerged as a result of the world not caring about the Arab  until the oil became a political and economic force, and made the Arabs powerful

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