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Roger's Online Diary
Fall of 2004

The Explosion in Website: 
I need to get back in touch with my experience in working with International Student - Scholars.  Possibly one of the best things I have ever done.  Not only for myself, and in understanding more about humankind, but more importantly for our country.  We need friends, and I did every possible to make sure the Internationals who I was helping out really got what they needed.
Thus I created new websites-if that is not news.
The International Student - Scholars Inter_cutlrual Resources  WebSite.
this is to organized in more formal assistant terms The International Cultural Fiesta Movement.
Also, and along the way I also created my fist utility website.  Website :
this mega systems of exchnage and other items went like fast, especially looking at organizating a National Social Dance Register our of this site. Mian'ly starting from Ithaca. The links were deleted on May 26th, 2005 - due to a problem generated as a result of BritishExpats.Com cyberrobots - link exchange systems - and goolge.com's policy deagreement of same.
Then, and based upon an incident when I was teaching at The Foundation of Light To Take Fligh and Dance website came into being.  [ As per above ]
Then from Latin Dane Champions [  WebSite  ] I grew  LatinaDance Website [ WebSite }; and I did the same for Ballroom Dance Champions [ WebSite ], and grew Ithaca Dance websites { WebStie }.
Now I have got an excellent link exchange interactive forms - Deleted as per above, and I found a site which gives me free banners, and as a result I was to up-grade most of my websites. 
Then with my ability to get back into my AOL full account I was able to clean up and got back more storage spaces, and added six more screen names.  Tow you have already noticed.  The others ar DanishFalcon  ( Website ) IthacaFalcon  ( Website ) Dance Ithaca ( WebSite ), and MiamiDanza ( Website ). Later on Dance Ithaca will play a part on the final internet drive to promote my dance business in Ithaca.
Also I finally discovered the template of the type of website I wanted for my dance side of things.
My Israeli Information Center Ithaca main website [ WebSite } is getting better, and I still have a litle trouble in geting my main websie up for The foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation [ WebSite }.  Also I have developed a broader tem for the use of the Hebrew word Hasbara ( WebSite ]
Also I have developed a babysitter website  [ WebSite ].
I just keep going on and on.
The I discovered others who have the own Website Directories had less stuff than I was to generate on my own - independently of any other..so..your are right I created my onw Directory ( WebSite )

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