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Many competitions include multiple work shops. Even a trip to a single event competition usually involves staying at a few different places or taking some master dance classes. Rather than try to describe everything on one page, it's often better to break the trip up and talk about each part of a competition individually.

On this page, I 'll give an overview of present popular Ballroom Dance Champions and will concentrate on this more a of a photo journal.  Too may people within an Unversity market simply want to relax, and just browse through magazines, mostly looking at the pictures. Then, and if the headline is attention getting. readers want the story very quickly..

I may also use this page to talk about how I will plan to go to a competition, and  one in which I will planned a trip to.


Champions Marcus & Karen Hilton


Same - Sex Ballroom Dancing ( Dance Competitions ) at Eurogames - see story at DanceScape [ WebSite ]
Ezine Reporter - Heather Devine
Pssts - this was taken in Berlin Germany.

Additional text will go got a dance story about ballroom, the first paragraph goes here on this page.  The rest will go here.


The Dance.
By Ruth Andrea Huchtingson, Dallas, Texas.
The glorious mornings of each day is brighter since the discovery I could learn to dance.  The skys have lifted up their signet icon of the Sun, and it's rays are all the more warm since I did my first dance competition at Miami, Florida.
Then she continues ...[ Website }

String of Pearls:
( A World War II Dance Story )
By Sandy Wright, Birmingham, England.
Hello from Birmingham all you loves in America.  I've got my own short to offer.
During the time of " the blitz " ( for all you younger yanks, this means a time in which Hitler was bombing us. ) I met a Yank who really burned the dance floor with Lindy.  " Oh G - d Almighty " did he hustled it and slamed shoed it right down to the tiny wooden grains of the dance floor.
Continue [ WebSite ]


Competitions being looked at.

This is whre a blurb of your short could go.

Dance is Fun in Ithaca [ WebSite ]
Dance Ithaca E Magazine [ WebSite ]
Ballroom [ WebSite ]

Egor Abaskin and Katya Kavenskaya - New US National Standard Ballroom Champions  see story of DanceScape [ WebSite ]


Archival - Rememberances  :
Additional News - They have ended their partnership.

Chris Hawkins & Hazel Newberry


New World Professional Ballroom Champions 2002.  For more information ::  goto  here  :: and read up.  Ballroom Dance Cities * New *

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Tears of Joy By CJ, Brooklyn, New York
The dream of a my life, like many of you now reading this, is to achieve somehting wonderful in life....continues on [ WebSite ]



Homework By Terresa Cambell, Camden, Ohio.
I love to dance and move to the music of The Spice Sisters....continues..[WebSite ]

Dance is Fun in Atlanta:
Dance is Fun in Chicago
Dance is Fun in Dallas:
Dance is Fun in Los Angeles:

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  • Blackpool Dance Festival - Official site for the four annual festivals, including the British Open Championships. Includes history, application forms, results and other general information.
  • Cleveland DanceSport Challenge - Held in September this competition features the Global Spectrum Team Match. Contains registration forms, schedule of events and other general information.
  • Dance Team USA - Organization dedicated to the recruitment and training of young dancesport athletes and their introduction to nationwide competition. Includes a list of events and general information about the organization.
  • Desert Classic Dancesport Festival - Held in July in Palm Desert, CA. Includes registration forms, travel information and prize descriptions.
  • Disco America - Hustle and disco dancing championships held in June in Cherry Hill, NJ. Includes registration forms, hotel information, event schedule and past results.
  • The Emerald Ball Dancesport Competition - Held annually in May in the Los Angeles area. Includes schedule of events, registration forms and ticket information.
  • Florida State DanceSport Championships - Also called the Triple Crown, this event is held in Sarasota, FL in August. Contains entry forms, ticket and scheduling information and news.
  • Grand Dancesport Cup - An amateur-only event held in October in Brooklyn, NY. Contains general information, online registration and past results.
  • Heart of America Dancesport Championships - Takes place annually in mid August, in Kansas City, MO. Includes entry forms, hotel and ticket forms, and an event schedule.
  • Heritage Classic - Held in March at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. Includes entry forms, travel information and a list of events.
  • Hotlanta Dance Challenge - Held in October in Atlanta, GA. Includes entry forms, schedule of events, past results and photos.
  • International Hustle and Salsa Competition - Hustle and Salsa Competition held in April in Miami, FL. Features online registration, a photo gallery and other event details.
  • La Classique Du Quebec - An international event held every February in Montreal, Quebec. Contains entry forms, schedule of events and travel information.
  • Magnolia DanceSport Challenge - Relocated from the Gulf Coast, this event is now held in Memphis, TN in early February. Features entry and ticket forms, schedule of events and rules.
  • Manhattan DanceSport Championships - Takes place at the New York Marriott in late June. Includes entry forms, schedule of events and ticket information.
  • Michigan Dance Challenge - Held in April and featuring the official Global Pro/Am 10-Dance Scholarship. Contains entry forms, schedule of events, and prize information.
  • Millennium Dancesport - Takes place in June in Tampa, FL. Contains ticket and schedule information, entry forms and news.
  • MIT Open Ballroom Dance Competition - Takes place in April in Cambridge, MA. Includes general information and online registration.
  • NJ DanceSport Classic - A tri-annual, amateur-only event featuring 1 day competitions in March, July and October. Held in Hackensack, NJ. Includes entry forms, recent results and other news.
  • Northcoast Ballroom Championships - An NDCA recognized event held in June in Cleveland, OH featuring amateur, pro/am and professional events. Contains entry and ticket information, schedule of events and past champions.
  • Northeastern Open DanceSport Invitational - Held annually in late January in Stamford, CT. Contains ticket and schedule information, entry forms and news.
  • Ohio Star Ball - Held in November and televised on PBS. Hosts several national championship events. Includes entry forms, ticket information, schedule and news.
  • Orange Blossom Dance Festival - Swing and hustle competition held in Orlando, Florida in June. Lists scheduling information and past results.
  • Philly Festival - Held in Philadelphia in mid April. Includes registration forms, schedule of events and past results.
  • The 2 Richards - Promotes dance championships and competitions throughout the UK.
  • Seattle Star Ball - Takes place annually in early August at Seattle’s Sea-Tac Hilton Hotel. Includes registration forms, hotel information and schedule of events.
  • SFOpen - Held in April in San Francisco, CA. Contains schedule and travel information, entry forms, past results and news.
  • Snowball Classic - An amateur-only event held every February in Vancouver, BC. Includes information on tickets, sponsorship, accommodations and competitor registration.
  • United States DanceSport Championships - Held in Hollywood, FL in September and featuring several World championship events.
  • USABDA National DanceSport Championships - An amateur-only event held in a different location each year, usually in August. Includes entry forms, current entry lists and schedule of events.
  • Vegas Showdown - A new Global Spectrum event held in Las Vegas in March. Contains hotel information, schedule of events, entry forms and results.
  • Volunteer State Dance Challenge - Held in April in Nashville, TN and featuring the Global Pro/Am 9-Dance Scholarship. Contains entry forms, schedule of events, prizes, awards and ticket information.
  • Yankee Classic DanceSport Championships - Takes place in June in Cambridge, MA. Lists ticket and schedule information, registration and policy guides, news and past results.

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