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Roger's Online Diary
Postings List

Here's sketch of my weblog...

To help you communicate better with me, and be inform of what I am doing at then sametime.  I'll include a work and play lists to my postings along with a quick synopsis of some of the topics covered in each. I'll include links so you can take a look at the postings that interest you.

Here's an example of a format I might use:

Daily Postings

What I have assigned my self.  Then you >>>
Email your comments:

Includes a review of  all my web sites, there are now 5 soon the be 7, and notes on my fight to keep a roof over my head.

More on Human Rights:

The issue of Males being falsely accused, along with a web site representing an attmpt to organize this by an interactive facilitive format: 

Here I might include links to some of my favorite web site postings. Latin Dance Classes Ithaca:   Ithaca Dance Performance Network;  Dance Ithaca E - Magazine: