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Roger's Online Diary

The Year I am discovering Blogs.
During the month of December I ran into a Blog while on one of numerous searches, and then started to play one or two.  sine then, it has mushroomed into a major effort too!  Here is some of the evidence of this:
Chicago Night Life, RMC [ BlogSite ]
Ithaca Night Life, NY [ BlogSite ]
New York City Night Life, RMC [ BlogSite ]
Toronto Night Life, RMC [ BlogSite ]
Washington DC Night Life [ BlogSite ]
Then I discoverd  Journals for free....WOW
Chicago Night Life, RMC [ JournalSite ]
Ithaca Night Life, NY [ JournalSite ]
New York City Night Life, RMC [ JournalSite ]
Toronto Night Life, RMV [ JournalSite ]
Washington DC Night Life, RMC [ JournalSite ]
As I would have known it here comes dance!
Ballroom Dance Chicago
Ballroom Dance Ithaca
Ballroom Dance New York City
Ballroom Dance Toronto
Ballroom Washingoton DC
Ballroom Dance Class Notes Ithaca
Waltz Dance Notes Ithaca
Latin Dance New York City
Salsa Musica Cultura:
Salsa Dance Chicago
Salsa Dance New York City
Salsa Dance Toronto
Salsa Dance Washington DC
Swing Dance Chicago
Swing Dance New York City
Swing Dance Toronto
Swing Dance Washington DC
Lindy Hop Dance Class Ithaca
West Coast Swing Dance Class Ithaca
Hip Hop Dance Chicago
Hip Hop Dance Ithaca
Hip Hop Dance New York City
Hip Hop Dance Toronto
Hip Hop Dance Washington DC
Then came the Ebloggy.Com
I made up serveral BlogSites, yet on January 23, 2005, their server went off line, and they have been saying ther are getting back on - with th data intact.  Then I will add these too!
The other elements in my Online explorations, the reason why for tis diary in the first place, is Dance Story Shorts.  I am writing these myself-with fictous names-so if gotten this far in browsing my sites-you then should know the truth.  Later thos with the " F " mark on them will denote the ones I actual did!
So far is the :
Index  Page Index:
Ballroom  Page One:
Ballet  Page Three:
Swing  Page Eight:
I have did the Y1 axis in my development of the Matrix:
AOL -  Ithaca Night Life, NY
AOL -  Chicago Night Life, RMC
AOL -  New York City Night Life, RMC
AOL -  Toronto Night Life, RMC
AOL -  Washington Dc Night Life, RMC
Then I made my Night Lif's series Interactive.
More to come!

There has been some additions made to the list of American cities.  Also, I have embarked on the Euro - Quest series to grab some more power links for exchange and widden the influence I have on - in ( ...I can not make up my which one is the correct usage- and everybady can't give a diffinative answer either...) the internet.
Additional American Cities February - April, 2005
Atlanta Night Life, RMC    Dallas Night Life, RMC   Los Angeles Night Life, RMC  City of Miami and Miami Beach Night Life, RMC
New Euro-Quest Series:  April - May, 2005
Athens Night Life, RMC  Berlin Night Life, RMC  Copenhagen  Night Life, RMC   Kiev Night Life, RMC  London Night Life, RMC  Madrid Night Life, RMC  Moscow Night Life, RMC  Oslo Night Life, RMC  Paris Night Life, RMC  Prague Night Life, RMC  Rome Night Life, RMC

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