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Lawrence Brantley Memorial

Social Dance Calendar National Program Launched:
In the following  cities, Bignhamton, Buffalo, Chicago, Miami, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, Toronto, and Washington DC Dance Calendar forms, and applications have been posted on the internet. These are developed to foster closer communications and available information for the traveler who enjoys social dancing.  Moreover, there is a code rating to alert the dance  hobbist if the social dance is for the promotion of dance lessons.
Nonetheless here is an exampke of the form of this effort is taken placed.
Click on  link below for Social Dance Calendar Ithaca:

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5th National Dance Week at Ithaca
Main event set for June 2005 at The Historic State Theatre.
Other events are to be listed:


On this page we will list all of the dance staged events within Tompkins county as part of my public service.  Please check, and contribute news items, dance gossip ( mostly of which I probably wont use ), and photos of dancers in action, in often.  I will frequently strenghten and up date this magazine with new items from sources outside of New York State, and America.  The reason is to provide the local community with something useful when it comes to dance.
It is also to educate the local community with informative items which can be documented by at least three oral and printed differing combination sources.
This process, the E - Magzine mission is to up-lift the dance standard of Ithaca, New York.

Dance Promotions - ADs:

See IthacaEvents.Com: For the latest in local performances:

Dance Lessons Specials
The four dance lessons for $ 10,00 introductory sepcial is to prepare your personal dance plan, and be educated about the socioeconomic innovation in the dance world, " The Ithaca Social Dance Economy Program ".


January 5, 2004 Registration
New Private Hour Rates
New private hours goes into effect January 1st, 2004.  Moreover, the first integrated dance program will go in to effect January 5th, 2004.  Register now.





This is a special program in which children, own their own, makes a personal connection to the music through dance.  With a speical proceedure not to interfer with their sense to develop ownership, I have instituted interactive facilitation dance techniques-instead of the regular teaching methods.
$20.00/4 Classes initial registration-then a sliding scale fee.



Aprial 29th, 2004
Dance Socials Begins:
New dance socials initiative begins with Ballroom Dance hosted by Wessex - Bristol Gallery of the Arts.  Dance foreman will be Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. christian- requersted by Wessex - Bristols manager.  Time for the dance is 8:00 to 10:00 PM.

Click on for Web Site- Ithaca Socials .

Join the Women's Circle Dance Troupe.
For more information ::  Goto Here  ::

Non Instructor Social Dance Events.



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