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The New England Ballet News:
The End of Summer Open House with Master Class by Steven Hyde and choreography by Lisa chase and Steven Hyde on Friday, August 27 was a wonderful event to celebrate the ending of a successful summer program.  The staff at NEBC has sent out it's Thank Yous in responce to Ithaca's support of this new dance company.
The New England announces it new Fall schedule see [ WebSite ] for details.

Has Social Dance ( to Ithaca )Taken Flight, or Wings ?
By Mr. Roger M. Christian


Breaking Dance News:
Since about 1986, there has been a growing number flight hobbist who have been taking to the air in search of fun and enjoyment.  They discovered, they also wanted to find an easier way to meet new people.  Thus social dance came into the attentions.
I was caught by surprise when Easter and Bob stoped by at the Foundation of Light, on the outskirts of Ithaca, New York, and inroduced themselves and their friends-another couple in a joint flight.  They did this in a mid - flight impluse, as one said " there is Ithaca down below, who is Roger Christian, The fFundation of Light, and Ballroom Dance Classes ?" The radio check the other couple in their flight formation, and then both agreed to land.  Then they called the tower at the airport for permission, landed, there  after had to explain their change of flight plans,  took a cab and suddently ( all this took 40 minuets ) and here they were.
What an impulse.
Afterwords they gave me a ride ( they had the cab wait ), as almost every one at one time or another have done in this town, and we stoped to have coffee and treats.  They told of their twin flights, and  that flying gave them that extreme measure of freedom of movement.  Moreover, they had to kill time too as they had to also wait to have their flight plans modified.  The cab was scheduled to return.  Coming down, was not in their flight plan submitted by law before taking off-which they found to be a drag, but necessary.
Later on they told me about such rich destination cities where they met others. The other interest they had in common, and what this new freedom did for their lives.  Then they gave me the scoop.......
Las Vega was number one, Miami, Dallas, Tempe Arizonia, and at one  time Chicago.  These are number one, two, three and so on.  Oh yes controlled impluse gambling was also a part of this groups interest, as well as being open to Pin Up Photos of both sexes.  Sexuality for them had to be shared with other stimulations - impluses, like flying, and thus not having the centered staged it did once in their lives.  Moreover, they mentioned something called " placid beauty ."  So they were very discriminating in how the photos were shot, the quality of the effort, and use of coloration.  Real critics.
They also like clothing with a flash of leather.  They loved new technologies, and were radical health nuts-they were into life extension, and thus the name of The Foundation of Light was also a sell inducement to land too.  Not to mention my name-sake. 
What got me interested is in how their sudden impluse to land here, and spend all this money, but most of all why ? I had no website to my name then ( now I have 560 plus and growing ). And I saw this was something extremely new.  An idea based on the question. " Is there a market wanting be serviced here ? " I ask them, "How did you find out about me ?"
Then they said, " I was on BallroomDancers.Com."  Then I remembered when I was called by them to go to a computer and register, or err log on to their service website, and list me as well as my dance classes.  At one time I was nationally known dance teacher.
They notice their watches, as an hour and fifteen minuets passed, and then they saw  their cab coming right on the button of their reservation.  All toll they must have spent about $ 250.00 together on this impluse.  The cost to change flight plans - registration and all, cab fare and see me have a Chocolate Sunday and Coffee.  I hope they did not get fined. That could mean something like hundreds of additional dollars.
But my interest was certainly peeked, as my mind has log this experience in permenantly, and thus this story.
Since then, I discovered this group is getting younger, and because of the various other trills which this new form freedom created , though flight plans are a constant point of frustration and waiting, their percpetions and experiences in life has also changed their lives.  An socio-cultural avante guarde has developed, which no one possibly knows about; the result of the altra privacy  created within this new found freedom.  The only hinderance to this being now fully developed is the flight aftermtach of 9/11.  Thus the development of  a new and this highly innovative website.
Lastly, the first person I knew who was into both flying and dancing was Peter Kuafmann-who till about a few years ago was a known name within dance circles here in the Ithaca area.  This should have alerted me to the potential market of opportunity,
They may not know about their own growing popularity.
The question in the above headline is very correct in - deed, and one in which will be answered.  So stay tune in folks.

Archival Contents:

Dance Off's Now Happening in Collegetown, Ithaca
April, 2004: Out side the Bear Lounge on College Avenue several of my students were witnessed, and were challenged to dance dueling.  Another words, a dance off.  Further up dates on this as they come in.

Dance Ithaca E - Magazine came on line December 1, 2003.  Date on going through the Google.Com crawlers is not known.  But you will be posted.  This page E - Magazine is now circulate through a complex system of web links established by me to gain market defense matrix.

As I add new dance curricula, I may add additional services to my  site for pre market discovery.

For example, if I would expand my services, I might include the following services:

Hang Glidding Coaching

This year 2004's special:

4 complete dance lessons for $ 10.00.


Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy * 103 West Seneca, Suite 206A * Ithaca * NY * 14850