Lawrence Brantley Memorial

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Lawrence Brantley Memorial

Lawrence Brantley
1947 - 2006


The Ballet is immensely saddened by the loss of our much-loved general manager, Lawrence "Larry" Hathaway Brantley. Larry passed away peacefully at Cayuga Medical Center on February 14, 2006, from pneumonia, a complication of esophageal cancer.

Larry was a true Renaissance man: a writer, artist, gourmet cook, dancer, choreographer of fascinating and very original ballets. He knew all kinds of music, from medieval chants through classical to rock and reggae. He sang in his school choir, and his first paid job was as a singer.

Having spent childhood summers on the farm in Connecticut of his mother's cousin, a landscape artist, Larry knew and grew house plants. He was an expert tailor and made his own jackets. His leather work won prizes at the New York State craft fair, at which he was later judge of leather works.

As a young adult, while studying dance at the Ithaca Ballet School, he waited tables and made many friends in the restaurant business. Within four years, he became the lead male dancer in the Ithaca Ballet, won honors as male dancer and as choreographer at the Northeast Regional Ballet festivals. He was grabbed into the professional dance world by the Uris/Bahr dancers and joined the Garden State Ballet in New Jersey. Returning home to Ithaca, Larry became general manager of the Ithaca Ballet and instructor in the school. He was a favorite instructor of many students at the school. As general manager, he brought the Ithaca Ballet on tour to many venues in Upstate New York. His love of the Ithaca Ballet was shown in the several tasks he did beyond his position as general manager. During his tenure as employee and volunteer, the Ithaca Ballet grew greatly in quality and prestige. Several associates are stepping in to share Larry's tasks until replacements can be found.