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Males Who are Falsely Accused:

About Me and My Actions:

This, the present abilities, all had their start when I became a volunteer researcher for the Anti Rape Task Force, State University of New York at Buffalo, under the Directorship of Ellen Christensen.  This also, was further developed by successful interactions, and membership in The Women's Resource Center, State University College at Buffalo, under the watchful eyes of Molly Kerwin, and the success I had  in Women Studies, State Unversity college at Buffalo, under the program director, Professor Sarah Slavin-who encourage me in all my pro-women health and safety issues.

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The First Step:

This, in hyperspace, is where I will explain the approach we got to take in order to educate the present social and cultural systems of our society.  Moreover, it is also, important to have a hyperspace interactive channel where women who are  legitimately concerned, and understand fully its dangers can initiate their own positive actions to developed a self-policing needed role functions; thus, themselves, the women who voluntarily incorporate into this membership actual preserves the historical efforts of good women toachieve sexual equality, and who, as a result, can positively interact.  It is the essential safety that hyperspace provides which can successfully illuminate this issue, and establish the essential core of human resouces to bring about a formative and cohesive organization.  This, as positive women will like wise be concern, will allow the emergence of this group not be one of the traditional failures of Men's Groups-most male can stand them.

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The Philosophy

The single most important factor, to allay some anxieties mainstream women might have towards males in general, is that our aggressive behaviorism is rooted in our delievery systems.  That this form of aggressiveness, is further galvanized by ego support substructures which are innately gentle-this prepares most male for fatherhood.  Moreover, these aggressive behaviorism, as further investigation have shown, is fused in conscious to our resonsiabilities as a life partnership to raise children.  The ultimate male sexual experience occurs only in consenting situation!  Furthemore, the social instigation of this consciousnes, is the part of the male ego sub ego structures to cooperated with other males and females in the construction of civilizations, and provide for a value systems to assure the survival of that civilization.
What should be pointed out, in the mean time, that males have nothing to appologize in having these aggressive behaviors, just so long as it does not take the role of  behaviorism of denying a woman's right to say no.

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