Males Who are Falsely Accused:


We must recognize that providing support and maintaining access to  computer internet system is critical to our first stages of development.
Especially in the crucial application of Spam protections. The porno sharks are really out there.

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The level of support received once an organization or group has been established, and  its public good as a key factor in deciding what sociopolitical and legal directions to take. Here I begin, and in the future will list your support capabilities and legal consumer service information. 

Emergency number: 

Confidentiality and Social Maintenance Accords

I must offer a variety of level of high confidentiality and social maintenance contacts. I  will be happy to review the personal stories, and available defenses options based on specific needs and requirements.
The key factor, is to find that one case which can be letigated successfully in the court of law.  The rest then is easy.  This strategy comes right out of the old activsit primere.


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