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In the historic struggle to seek equality of the sexes, several women had the hard task of committing their entire lives for change.  It was in that struggle, their courageous actions,  which caught the eyes and admiration of those men who saw their cause justified.  It is also, cause to relationship of changing attitudes, that these women saw with in these sympathetic males,  who were coming around to their most of their views, that there was not only hope, but that they will indeed succeed in obtaining their goals. 
Underlining every aspect of personal and  sociopolitical accomblishment, it was the final approval of such men who aided in the rise of status of women.  Largely by personal agreement of the issues of female equality, their concerns added to the emerging value systems of the American civilization.  Thus full understanding the content of their leadership and personal integrity of character, and endorsed step by slowly step, the agenda the feminist leadership indicate what was needed to these men for women to gian control over their bodies. thus with growing numbers it was the male segment of society which gave legislative approval to those law which help to gurantee equality before the sexes.
This can not have an over emphasis, as what historically happened was a recognition of value, and that value was critically needed to preserve a democratic form of government and the emerging American cicilization.  It was the feminist leadership, in as much as it was also the male who saw the rightfulness of their actions, which finally brought about this revolution.
However, when the condtion reaches a level in which the drive for power exceeds the goals of equal status, then it is the movement of women who will suffer.  This is not by circumstance of their own making, largely by not implacing socio-sexual values of self - policing, but the actions by those who inculcated the terrotorial dynamics of power to dominate, emasculated, even to the point to have sodomized, humiliate, and slander the very same male leadership which gave women their recognition of equality.

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