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Males Who are Falsely Accused:

New Glossary ( New Actions = New Wordage )

Still under development and editing...
Moreover, and based upon responses, these terms will likewise modified based upon your email .
The single reason for this, is that what is written here, though carefully done, nver the less, a responsiablity is also required based upon others reactions to assure the integrity of the contents.

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Rape Ganging:
The process of forming a partnerhip, group, cells, or cult with the intent of forming mutual relationships based upon sexual humiliation and harm of others.
Emasculates ( Female ):
The act in which gender diffrences, and their associated perceptions are self involked by a female to overt acts of criminal sexual behavior towards a male with the intent of distruction of " his " gender
Rape Gangs:
The end of the process of Rape Ganging in which the partnership, groups, or cult has solidified their intent during the conformational act of sexual criminal behavior.  The creation of their first victim.
Rapists  ( Male ):
The act in which gender differnces, and their associated behaviorisms are self-involked by a male with the intent of overt sexual act of criminal behavior towards a female with the intent of the distruction of " her " gender.
Role functions in the cognizant developemental structures of an individual who organizes a personality in which physical sexual roles in procreation evolves into a personal connection to one's gender.
Female Icons:
A realistic manifest term which is used to describe the real connection between what is percieved within a specified time period, as the healthy female specimen or role models (ie,  sometime associated with PiIn Up Girls during WWII ), and it's innate responses to a male's id.
A relationship in which a union, and the supportive male orientation, is based upon the realtionship between one male and one feamle
A resltionship in which unions, and their supportive male orientations, are based upon relationships between one male, and multiple females.
The socio-cultural and socio-political condition by which the critical linkage between innate drives and the emotional balance value systems are feared, or exploited, thereby inflicting an emotional schism with the ends of the individual's sexuality being destroyed.  Note: Secondary condition to this cause and affect is either Homophobia, or various forms of dysfunctional behaviorism toward the opposite sex.  The ends of which is to humilate, brutalize, rape, emasculate, sodomizes, or murder.
The phenonmena in which the innate is acculturaled to traditional arch type based upon sexual  physical and procreation differnces in which an individual with the assistance of social values organizes a gender specific personality.
The socio -cultural and socio - political arrangement between females in which both common dangers, and means to survive were anthromorphically devloped as both an avenue for emtional srurvival, and form of expression.
Male " X " Factor:
The innate emotional condition by which the male emotional support-underpinnings of personality development is gentle focal. It is here, the foundatiuon of real male maturity, and therefore how is is self-precieved within the infra-male culture power column as being weakness, or a measure strength.  Moreover, the differnces in the two percpetions, weakness, or strength, are solely dependent upon the up-bringing of males, by their fathers, and the social scale at the time in which these differing perceptions are reguarded with prestigue, or not.  None-the-less, it is the leading factor in which male are at a point in our decission making. The politics of which ----The Infra Male Culture ---WE must guard oursleves from other  males - who are dysfunctional  and who are able to exploit, or sway to others their interests, and not necessarily the focal point, target, or ' the mark' own best interest.

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