Males Who are Falsely Accused:

Rape Gangs:

New Terms for New Realities.
The origins of criminal, or deviant sexual behavior is not gender speicific.  Please understand, the end result of deviant male behavior towards a female is rape, and/or murder. However, female specific deviant behaviorism, may, depending of the initial pathologies - causes, or may not involve sexual intercourse iwth a male, though some sort of genital mutilation is now starting, but  primarily male sociocultural emasculation.  The ends of these recent manisfestations is to obtain power.  Moreover, and most recent, female diviant behavior has also appeared when there is competition for the same female.  Here the varied superstitions abouts males are fully expossed as  they are  also being fully utiilized, and as it becomes a key factor of not only sociocultural emasculation, but an important factor in their seduction of the intended female.. This is also, in my therory, the root cause of the leading factor why these women have not been yet detected within famales networks during our continued efforts to co-develop an American civilization trough sexual equality.

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There are three new terms or  combinations need to be implaced here:
One.     The Emasculate; A female who attemps, causes, pressures, or by means of violence critical humilates and then emasulates, not necessarily having sexual intercourse though, and times genital mutilation, as a result,  a male causing long term trauma, both physical and mental delayed stress syndrome- this may involve competition over the same intended female.
Two.     The Rapist; A male who attempts, cause, phyically intimdates, or by brute force of violence, rapes, and  critical humilates a female causing long term trauma, both physically, including un-wanted child birth, and mental angish.
Rape Gang Cells.  Rape Gang Cells occurs when a male (in the Rapist category ) and female ( in the Emasculate category ), either as a partnership or within groups sets out to humiliate an individual, or individuals accross gender and sexual orientations.  The end of which is to Gang Rape a female, or Gang Emasculate or Gang Sodomize a male.  Such gangs cells involves one male and two females groupings.

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