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Fatherhood. Singularity.

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The Singularity of Male Responsiability.

What every male should eventually do, especially before any consenting arrangement with sex, is to examine, and/or witness a birth..  If at all possible, participate in the delivery itself.
The consequnce would give each males who does this,  the singularity of male sexual responsiablitiy.  Every male polled, after witrnessing this event, or participating to bring about the birth of a child, have become uniquely aware of the needed balance emotional structure within the male innte emotions to our own sense of  sexual character.  Those who are able, to stop a mediate on this, fully understand that this is the basis of fatherhood.  That in the persute of responsiable sex, the ends of which, is in its final enjoyment, the witness of the emergence of a new life in which a male helps to bring about, triggers long term actions of further personal responsiabilities involved in sex.  This experience also causes abstanance from sex to likewise occur.
Thus, the focus switches from being more or less ego-centric, to the arena of how to prepare an enviornment from which their children can be successfully raised.  The socio-geneses of civilization was anthromorphically initiated  by the institution of fatherhood.   Where as the means of civilization was initiated by the cognizant reasoning of motherhood, which, also, triggered the discovery of agriculture.

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